14 dispenser
৳ 699
22 hours ago
Soap Magic Hands Free Motion Activated Sanitizer Dispenser

Soap magic hands free motion activated sanitizer dispenser. Soap dispenser can be used with any soap and motion...

৳ 499
22 hours ago
Magic Tap Automatic Drink Dispenser

Magic tap automatic drink dispenser has one magic tap drink dispensers, universal cap fits most bottles and jugs, not...

৳ 105,000
3 days ago
OLP X-360 12L Cylinder 3 Bowls Automatic Slush Machine

OLP X-360 automatic slush machine has 12 liter cylinder, 3 bowls, 3.2 gallon bowl capacity, 8.4A / 220V electric...

৳ 499
21 hours ago
Minions Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Kit

Minions automatic toothpaste dispenser kit has cute cartoon fashion to attract children, deeply human face, two...

৳ 649
22 hours ago
Toothpaste Dispenser One-Touch Automatic Squeeze System

Toothpaste dispenser has one-touch automatic squeeze ability, hand up five toothbrushes, attached adhesive pad and no...

৳ 549
5 hours ago
Costech Touchless Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

Costech touchless soap dispenser has attractive design, built-in infrared smart sensor for fully automatic and...

৳ 850
2 months ago
Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System

The Dettol No-Touch Handwash soap dispenser uses advanced no touch technology to give a healthy handwash experience....

৳ 55,000
3 months ago
SaniServ 18Lx2 Spray Cool Heat Function Juice Dispenser

SaniServ 18Lx2 hot and cold juice dispenser. Functions: spraying and cooling and heating; Good quality; Wide range of...

৳ 98,500
6 months ago
SaniServ Slush Dispenser

SaniServ slush dispenser. Basic description: Voltage: 220-240V/110-115V, Frequency: 50/60HZ, Cold power: 400W,...

৳ 170
8 months ago
Normal Water Dispenser 15 inch

Normal Water Dispenser 15 inch