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Asus EAH5450 Graphics Card

Item ID : 1950
Last updated : 5 years ago
Item : Asus Graphics Card
Price : ৳ 3,400


Asus EH5450 Graphics Card,Capacity 1 GB DDR2,DVI Output,HDMI Output,DSub Output,ATI Redion HD5450 Graphics engine,Best for Home Theater Computer User

Product Feature

Capacity (MB) 1 GB DDR2
DVI Output Yes
HDMI Output Yes
Other Features DSub Output,ATI Redion HD5450 Graphics engine
৳ 63,500 Taka
Last updated
4 days ago
৳ 4,100 Taka
Last updated
moment ago
৳ 4,100 Taka
Last updated
moment ago
৳ 8,500 Taka
Last updated
2 days ago
৳ 3,000 Taka
Last updated
26 days ago
৳ 1,100 Taka
Last updated
8 days ago

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