80K Gaming PC Build in Bangladesh

May 29, 2022

We think of buying a PC for work needs. When making such a sudden decision, we do not really understand what kind of PC can be built within our budget. The configuration of the PC you want to build is not getting the right idea. Again, if the budget is higher, then the budget is more configurable than that. That's why we have to go through a lot of dilemmas when building a new PC. If the budget for buying a PC is 80,000 taka. Then it is possible to build a PC of much better quality. However, in this budget, you have to have a rough idea about the configuration of that PC. Let's find out the details about how to a gaming PC build in 80k taka.



Gamming PC



The most efficient accessory in a PC is the processor. The more powerful the budget, the more powerful the processor should be used in the gaming PC. Similarly, the processor to make a PC of this price is the current price of Intel Core i5 9400f is 14 thousand 200 taka. You can use this processor as your budget friendly. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that if you can increase your budget a bit, you can use the Ryzen 5 3600 as a processor. Its current Ryzen 5 3600 processor costs 20 thousand TK.



To build a PC on this budget, you can use the entry level motherboards as the motherboard. For example, among the entry level, one of the best quality motherboards is MSI's B360M Mortar. Because these types of motherboards have very good quality VRM. It is better to use this type of motherboard in gaming PC. The current market price of an entry level motherboard is 8,403 taka.



16 GB RAM should be used as for a budget PC of 80k. There are various brands of RAM available in the market at present. Of those, the type of RAM that is faster should be selected. You can also use Colorful's 3600Mhz RAM in PC.



You must use SSD as well as hard disk as storage in your budget. Hard disks can be used as needed, so the extra hard disks needed can make the PC work slower. Use Colorful CN600 120GB NVMe for SSD so the PC will work super-fast. Using this type of SSD will add separate storage to the PC as well as get the benefit of Read Speed ​​1500Mbps.


Graphics Card

When it comes to gaming PCs, graphics cards come first. Using a graphics card allows the PC to work smoothly and to work long hours or play games continuously. Since the PC will build with 80 thousand Taka, you must use a good quality graphics card. Within such a budget you can set up 8 GB graphics card on PC.


Power Supply

When building a PC, you need to pay special attention to the power supply. Because the power supply is the most important device for a PC. However, you can use Corsair's CX550W Bronze Non Modular as a power supply according to your budget. And to use this type of power supply will cost about 4,800 taka.


Something About 80K PC Build

Attempts have been made to give the idea of ​​building a PC for 80k taka. However, over time, the cost of different parts of the PC may increase or decrease. But it will depend on what time you are actually building this budget PC. You can know the latest price of PC and using for free PC build calculator from

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