Tips for using AC Remote

May 28, 2022

At present there are many reputed AC brands in Bangladesh. Each brand's AC has to be controlled through a remote function. There is no remote option to run a good quality inverter air conditioner on a low budget. However, no matter how good the AC is, if you do not know its proper and proper use, you may be in danger. And so we have arranged today's article with a detailed discussion of the use of different modes of AC remote control and control. Their remote functions are almost the same whether they are low priced air conditioners or high priced ones. So let's find out.


1. On / Off Button

First come the on-off button mode. With this button you can turn on and off the AC. This means that it is the controller panel of your AC.

2. +/- Button

Through this you can increase the temperature of AC and if you want you can reduce it. Usually the minimum temperature in AC is 15.5 degrees Celsius. And you can easily increase and decrease it through this mode which is in control bar which is not possible in auto control bar. You can also use this mode to set the alarm for a few hours to reduce the temperature. To do this you need to press either a plus or a minus button.

3. Heat Button

With this button the cold air of your AC will turn into heat. And as a result, you can control the temperature of the AC in winter.

4. FAN Button

You can control the speed of the AC fan through the fan button mode. Basically you can change the speed of the fan in 4 ways. Significantly lower, medium, medium, high, and low.

5. I Feel Button

When a user presses into this mode, the AC control bar easily detects the temperature flowing in his room. And that is why the AC control panel also provides a comfortable temperature to an individual according to the tolerable temperature of your room. This allows you to feel the temperature according to your body's relaxation through this AC. In addition, with the iFill button you can increase and decrease the tolerable temperature in your room. Just make sure that the remote is close to the AC when this mode is on and that the temperature does not rise too much. The temperature of the place where the remote is located This type of function facility is only in the Gree AC.

6. Up-Down Swing Button

This mode is much needed to control the lower and left and right parts of the AC. To turn on the control panel for up-down swing button mode, you must first press the on button on the controller. And to turn it off, pressing the Turn Off button of the display button will turn off the AC control. Basically with this button you can flash and turn on and out more than two to three times with AC controller.

7. Mode Button

In this button you will see a variety of icons. There are five types of icons on each AC controller panel. These include Auto Select Button, Cool Button, Dry Button, and Heat Button. You can use these five icons at any time for your convenience.

    Auto select Button - Controls AC temperature automatically
    Cool Button - Controls the AC controller in cool mode.
    Dry Button- With this button you can select the dry option of AC and drive the AC accordingly.

8. Clock Button

 Clock button mode enables you to turn AC on and off at a specific time and at regular intervals. Here, as before, pressing any one plus or minus button will increase your timer by one minute at regular intervals. In the same way you can reduce the amount of time.

9. Humidity / Health Button

This type of humidity button is used to keep the humidity inside the room just through AC. The balance and position of ions in the air are maintained using Health mode. This helps to kill germs in the indoor air and helps to clean the indoor air faster.

10. Air Button

You can use this button to control the air temperature in the room as well as to ensure adequate air supply. All you have to do is press the AC air button icon on the remote control.

11. Light Button

Pressing the light button will light up the AC indoor unit. On the other hand, if you press this same button again, the indoor display light of your AC will be turned off.

12. Sleep Button

In this mode you will find exactly four modes - sleep-1, sleep-2, sleep-3 and sleep-4 buttons. And you can turn off the mode by pressing the same button again. The AC will continue to run in a specified order during the Sleep-1 to Sleep-2 button. Again the air button mode is unmatched between Sleep-3 to Sleep-4 mode. Pressing Air Button Mode and Sleep-3 Mode together will keep your ACT running in a personalized way.

Again the Sleep-4 mode is Siesta mode, here the temperature you set will continue to vary according to the room temperature. This means that you will not be able to set the AC manually here, moreover the silent fan mode will start automatically as soon as this mode is turned on.



Each mode of AC is discussed in detail above. Here are the precautions to take when using one

** AC temperature should never be kept at high voltage or absolutely low voltage. This will take time to load the AC.

** Turn off the AC completely at least once a month and clean the external dirt. The front of the AC can be cleaned with a dry brush or soft cloth.

** Before setting any timer of AC, check the voltage and temperature of your AC.

** Keep the unit fan clean and at the same time check if there is any problem with the circuit breaker.

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