Which printer is better - how much?

June 07, 2022

Print is an essential part of everyday life, whether at school or in the office, and digital printers help to make this task complete and easy. Based on the functionality of the printers and your own needs, buying a printer in Bangladesh will save you money as well as meet the demand.




Inkjet or laser: Laser printers can print efficiently and inkjet printers print at the same cost as laser printers.

If you need a monochrome print, a black and white laser printer will work better because the laser printer's toner doesn't dry as easily as the inkjet for its technology. If you need continuous monochrome printing, then a black and white laser printer is good because printing with it will reduce the cost of ink.

A color laser printer will do better if you need color printing. However, in the case of color printing, the inkjet printer price is much lower, which will save money.


Multi-function: Sometimes we need to scan or copy. A multi-function printer can easily do this. In this case the price will be a bit higher. However, it would be convenient to purchase a photocopier or scanner for regular scanning or copying. Some printers have fax facility so buying with it will save you money from buying a dedicated fax machine.


Photo Printing: For fun, photo printing can be done with any low cost inkjet color printer. But a good quality photo printer is needed to store the photos taken by the camera in the album, be it inkjet or laserjet technology. And for the photo printing business or studio, lab quality photo printers that use die-sublimation technology are ideal. This is a technology where heat is used on photo paper to print pictures. Such pictures are much clearer and can be stored for many years. Note that this type of printer does not have multi-function capabilities and is only good for printing pictures.


Speed ​​and resolution: Speed ​​or resolution does not matter to the average user. But a high speed printer will save you time for continuous printing. The convenience of setting different resolutions will give you the perfect quality print as well as save on ink costs. Some common specifications are:

  • PPM: Page per minute (PPM) means how many pages a printer can print per minute. These speeds vary for black prints and color printers.
  • DPI: Dots per inch (DPI) means how many dots of ink will be printed per square inch. The more it is, the better the print will be.


Duty Cycle: This means how many pages a printer can print each month without any maintenance. Home users don't need that much. But it is important for the user and the office to choose it. If printing is always required, more duty cycle should be chosen.


Connection: The most common connection method is USB which is sufficient for most home users. For large offices where many people share the same printer a network printer may be required. So, choose it if you need it. WiFi technology is now available on many printers and will make printing easier for all types of users.


Duplexing: If there is duplexing, it will print on both sides of the page in one command. So, if you need it, choose the model with the advantage.


Memory: This can be a factor for network printers because many print commands can process multiple print commands simultaneously. Low cost printers have less memory but business or network printers usually have more memory. Photo printing also requires higher memory so that it can easily print from your memory card.


Cost of ink: If you print mostly black and white, monochrome laser printer is best because ink cost will be much less. But if more color printing is required then color printer is required but black and white printing will cost a bit more. But if you need occasional color or black printing, keep 2 types of printers. This is a good option to reduce the cost of ink.


Paper Handling: Most printers can print up to A4 size paper which is sufficient for general users. Some offices may require an A3 size or other size so read the printer's specification to see what kind of paper it supports. Also, check if it can print envelopes, cards, etc. as it may be needed at times.


Paper Tray: Each printer has at least one paper tray. But network or business work may require multiple trays so that it can hold many papers at the same time.


Budget: You can buy an inkjet printer for home use within 3 to 6 thousand taka which can print both white and black and color. For business or office you should buy a printer for a minimum of 10 thousand taka. And printers are available for printing photos for 11-12 thousand taka, but if you buy them for 25 thousand taka, it will be of good quality. And die-sublimation technology printers start from 50 thousand taka.



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