Rules for using Power Tiller

November 20, 2022

Power tiller is a widely used machine in Bangladesh. Currently, it is widely used in villages not only for farming but also for carrying goods. Due to non-observance of certain rules, this machine is getting destroyed quickly and there are serious accidents while moving it from one place to another. With a little training and maintenance it can become a useful tool in Bangladesh. Not only in agriculture it can be a source of livelihood for many people. But first of all you have to buy a good quality power tiller and power tiller price is gradually decreasing in Bangladesh now due to its increasing demand and market competition.


How to start or stop the power tiller engine?


It is very possible to get rid of various accidents if the process of starting or stopping the power tiller engine is known correctly.


1. Procedure for starting the engine:

  • Fuel supply connection should be switched on.
  • The fuel supply line must be completely vented.
  • Clutch lever should be kept in disengaged position.
  • Gear lever should be kept in neutral position.
  • Throttle lever should be kept in running position.
  • Hold the de-compression lever with one hand and slowly turn the starting handle

with the other hand. At this time to observe whether the oil pressure is rising or not. As the oil pressure rises, turning the starting handle quickly 5 to 7 times will start the engine.


2. Procedure to turn off Power Tiller:

  • The clutch lever must be brought to the disengaged position.
  • The gear lever must be brought back to the neutral position.
  • Moving the accelerating lever to the OFF position will stop the engine.


What are the best parts to keep for power tiller maintenance?


It is good to carry some parts for maintaining the power tiller. They come in handy in times of emergency. These instruments are:

  • Iron hammer
  • Plastic hammer
  • Fat screwdriver
  • Star screwdriver
  • Combination pliers
  • Cutting pliers
  • Filler gauge
  • Bearing puller
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Socket wrench
  • Hack saw and spanner


What precautions need to be taken in handling power tiller?


  • Before operating the power tiller, check whether there are any stones, bricks or holes in the land.
  • To raise the power tiller for special needs, it must be kept in the 1st gear, otherwise it may overturn. When lowering again, put it in back gear and lower it.
  • Power tiller will be lost if the tiller is plowed in low gear by pressing hard on the accelerator, so the accelerator and gear must be coordinated.
  • After gear shifting the main clutch should be released slowly.
  • The clutch should last longer if the power tiller is operated by turning the clutch left and right.
  • If weeds get stuck with the rotary, stop the power tiller and clear the weeds.
  • Clutch must be disengaged while gear shifting.
  • Half an hour rest should be taken after four hours of continuous operation. Then the power tiller can be used for a long time and will not be damaged easily.
  • Care must be taken in the use of wheels, tires must be fitted to the wheels of the power tiller when plowing dry land and driving on roads. Iron wheel should be used in case of wet land.
  • If there is a lot of noise from the engine during the operation of the power tiller, the engine should be checked by turning off the power tiller.
  • At the end of use, the engine should be stopped and thoroughly cleaned and wetted with grease or oil in the necessary places, as a result, it will not rust.


What steps can be taken to ensure the safety of the person operating the power tiller?


Caution is the key to safety. Along with precautions, safety should also be taken while using the power tiller. The necessary steps that can be taken to ensure the safety of the person operating the power tiller are:

  • No loose clothing should be worn while operating the power tiller.
  • Avoid operating power tillers wearing neck muffler, body sheet and lungi.
  • No device can be monitored while the power switch is on. The power tiller must be switched off before observing.
  • Do not lean on the power tiller while the power tiller is in operation.
  • Mobil or diesel power tillers cannot be applied with the engine running.
  • No equipment shall be placed on the power tiller while it is in operation.
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