Here are some tips to reduce printer ink costs

February 17, 2021

With the development of technology, the price of printer has come down, but the price of printer ink is still skyrocketing. So from time to time we have to wear the ink of the printer with various problems. And thats why saving the cost of printer ink as much as possible may be the best solution for us. So lets know some effective tips to reduce the cost of printer ink.



1. Try to use ecofont when printing. Because Ecofont helps your printer cost 20% less ink than standard fonts.

2. When printing, use software that will print only a certain part of your document. Because remember that extra printing means extra ink costs.

3. Try to print as much black-and-white as possible because white-black ink is usually more affordable than colored ink.

4. Use the on / off switch without turning off your printer directly from the plug. This can save a lot of ink on your printer.

5. Clean the printer heads regularly. Do not line them up unless absolutely necessary, as this can lead to ink wastage.

7. Do not fill the ink immediately after notifying the computer that the printer's ink has run out, because even after showing the printers ink running out, there is still 10% of ink left which you can use effortlessly. This will reduce the waste of ink.

7. Your printer is often in default mode and you unknowingly print at a higher resolution which consumes extra ink. So before you print anything, you must adjust the resolution according to your needs. If you don't need too much, it is better not to give high resolution.

8. Different amounts of ink are used in different fonts. It is best to use a specific font to store printer ink. This allows a lot of ink to be saved on the printer.


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