Top 10 Water Purifier in Bangladesh

May 10, 2022

Drinking water


Another name for water is life. No animal can survive without water. And for people to stay healthy, there is no alternative to pure water. Water can be purified in different ways. There are two simple methods. Water filter 2. Boiling water. Boiling water between these two methods is quite troublesome but the other is much easier only requires a water filter machine. The price of water filter is now affordable in Bangladesh. Today we will learn about 10 water filters available in the market at low prices:





1. Pureit
Purite is one of the most common and well-known water filters in Bangladesh. There are three types of Purit water purifiers available in the market today: Purit Mineral, Purit Classic and Purit Ultima. Prices vary depending on the type. The lowest priced of these filters is the Pureit Classic, which is currently priced at Tk 3,499.





2. Kent
Another popular brand of water filter is Kent. Kent water filter is perfect for the home or small office. There are different models of Kent in the market such as: - Kent Supreme, Kent Park, Kent Pearl and Kent Gold. The Kent Gold filter is cheaper than other filters with a current price of Tk 3,500. Kent Gold Filter purifies water in 3 steps.



3. Hiron
There are many types of  heron filters available in the market. Heron filters include 4-stage, 5-stage, 6-stage, 6-stage and 6-stage. This type of filter is used in homes, offices and even commercially. However, the price of Hiron filter is comparatively less than other water filters. Heron's 4-stage filter costs only Tk 3,000. It is for home use only.





4. Deng Yuan
Deng Yuan is a powerful water purification machine. The Deng Yuan filter has a 4-stage to 6-stage purification step. A reverse osmosis water purifier system is attached to almost every machine. As a result, the price of Yuan filter is higher than other filters. Such machines can be used everywhere.





5. Sanaki
Sanaki Water Purifier purifies water through reverse osmosis technology. One of the Sanaki filter models is the S-2. The Sanaki S-2 filter purifies water by filtering it in six steps. Each filter in this model has a reserve tank where pure water can be stored. Sanaki water filter costs Tk 12,200.








6. Karofi
Water purifier machine Karofi with modern technology. Carofi has a storage tank attached to each machine. However, most of its machines are stand-shaped. These look smart and the NSF standard water storage tank works automatically. The lowest price of Karofi filter is tk 11,000 taka.




7. Puricum
Puricum filters are divided into different types depending on the type of work. These include RO Systems, Zero Installation Purifiers, Water Purifiers, Direct Flow RO Systems, Smart Water Systems, Water Dispensers, Commercial and Industrial RO Systems and Water Softeners. Water filters are available based on each of these types. Can be collected as required.





8. Lan Shan
Taiwan's Lan Shan is the largest manufacturer of water in the world of water filters. The company has developed multiple models of water filters for different purposes. Each of them uses the highest purification technology. This filter can remove up to 99% of bacteria and 95% of solids in water.








9. Aqua Pro
Aqua-Pro water filters are at the top to remove toxins from the water with the help of filters. Using aqua filters reverse osmosis can remove a large portion of dangerous waterborne bacteria and contaminants from the water. Aqua Pro is one of the best reverse osmosis water purifiers in Bangladesh. It has 5 stage, 6 stage and 6 stage water purification technology.




10. Drinkcan
Drinkcan is a water purification machine that is ready to supply the best water to the customers. Drinkcan is made with the most up-to-date modern technology. It includes technologies such as reverse osmosis (RO) technology, UV, Alkaline, TDS, and MF filtering. Each of which is healthy and safe. Drinkan water filters cost around 22,000 taka.




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