Top 5 Printers in Bangladesh at Low Cost

The printer is an important device at the present time. Printers are needed everywhere from business establishments to schools, colleges, madrasas, and offices. Since not all printers are priced the same, here are some of the 5 printers that will help you to buy a good quality printer at low price.




HP DeskJet 2320 All-In-One Printer

The price of all-in-one models of the well-known brand HP Deskjet 2320 is lower than other printers. HP printers have a multi-function design that can print, copy and scan any type. The black printing speed of the Deskjet 2320 printer is 7.5 pages per minute and the color printing speed is 5.5 pages per minute. With this model printer you can copy 5.5 pages per minute. The printing resolution of each black and white page is 1200 × 1200 dpi and the resolution of color printing is 4800 × 1200 dpi and the resolution of the scanner is up to 1200 dpi. A4 / A6 / B5 size paper can be used in HP Deskjet 2320 printer. The input capacity of HP printer is also very good. The paper tray can hold 60 sheets together and the output tray can hold 25 sheets. It has 128 MB SDRAM and 32 MB flash.




HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2336 All-in-One Printer

HP 2336 printer may be the best choice for low ink cost. As a multi-function color ink printer, it can work very well at low cost. Can be printed, copied and scanned simultaneously with HP's printer. 20 pages of black and white will be printed per minute in 1200 × 1200 dpi resolution and 18 pages per minute will be printed for color printing with a resolution of 4800 × 1200 dpi. This printer can be used to print A4 / A6 / B5 size and envelope paper. Paper holding capacity is very good. It can hold 60 pages in one input tray.


Epson L130 Multifunction Ink Tank Printer

When it comes to printers, the first thing that comes to mind is Epson. The demand for Epson printers is so high that more or less everyone is familiar with it. There are many printers of the Epson brand, of which the Epson-L130 printer is relatively inexpensive. The Epson L-130 can provide good service for a long time. The Epson L-130 can print 15 black and white pages per minute and 33 color pages. The resolution of each page of printing is 560 × 1440 dpi and the resolution of the copier is 360 × 360 dpi and the resolution of the scanner is 600 × 1200 dpi. It has a built-in ink tank. The Epson L-130 printer comes with a paper tray that can hold 100 A4 size papers, 20 premium glossy photo papers, 10 envelopes and 30 postcards. The printer can use a maximum size of 215.9 × 1200 mm paper.




Canon Pixma iP2770 Color Inkjet Printer

Canon Pixma iP2770 color printer is the best printer for printing perfectly with computer PC. This Canon printer works with high-resolution prints, copies and scans, as well as photo prints. The printing speed of the printer can print 6 images per minute in black and white and 5 images per minute with a printing resolution of 4800 × 1200 dpi. In this printer A4, AND, B5, Legal, Letter, Envelope paper of this paper size can be used. The paper tray has the capacity to hold 100 A4 size papers. It uses a 2pl ink tank.





Brother DCP-T220 All-in-One Printer

Brother's printers are much more popular for multi-function work. The price of a printer varies depending on the type of work it does. The Brother DCP-T220 model printer works much better whereas it would cost less money to buy. Performance is very good compared to the price of the printer. Brother's DPC-T200 printer can print 28 black and white pages and 11 color pages per minute. Its print and scanner resolution will be 1200 × 2400 dpi and it can use A4, A5 and A6 sized paper. The printer has 64 mega memory for saving or storing data and the capacity of paper tray is maximum 150 pages.



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