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৳ 3,900,000
13 days ago
Toyota Premio F-EX 2019

Power steering, push start, anti-break system, 1500c VVT-i engine, automatic transmission, power window, air condition,...

৳ 2,050,000
1 month ago
Toyota Axio X New Shape 2015

VVTi type engine, key start, projection head light, built-in DVD + TV navigation camera, excellent AC performance, EBD,...

৳ 1,720,000
30 days ago
Toyota Fielder Hybrid 2015

Key start, power steering, projection headlight, black interior, fog lights, 2 SRS air bag, 2WD, anti-lock braking...

৳ 2,630,000
22 days ago
Toyota Allion A15 2016

Key start, projector headlight and fog lamp, black interior, multifunction wooden steering, 2016 model year, all option...

৳ 6,230,000
28 days ago
Toyota Harrier Advance Premium 2016

Smart keyless entry with push start, power steering, leather stitched panel, , panoramic sun and moon roof, wooden...

৳ 3,400,000
22 days ago
Toyota Premio FL 2018

Push start, projector headlight and fog lamp, black interior, multifunction wooden steering, 2018 model year, all...

৳ 2,030,000
13 days ago
Toyota Axio 2016

Automatic transmission, VVT-i engine, 1500cc engine capacity, 22 Km mileage, bronze color, push start, Ice cool AC, FHD...

৳ 1,250,000
20 hours ago
Toyota Axio 2010 Model

Key start 2010 model car, white color, 1500cc engine capacity, 5 seats, auto transmission, wooden panel and wooden...

৳ 1,775,000
21 hours ago
Toyota Allion 2010

Push start, auto gear, power steering, power window, retract mirror, CD sound system, smooth engine, all auto,...

৳ 2,500,000
2 months ago
Toyota Premio F 2016 Silver Color

Key start, 1500cc engine capacity, automatic transmission, 2016 model year, new alloy.

৳ 2,670,000
2 months ago
Toyoya Noah G Hybrid 2014 Black Color

Auto steering, push start, back monitor, projection LED headlight, 1800cc engine capacity, 7 seats, ABS brake, left and...

৳ 2,930,000
2 months ago
Toyota Esquire GI Hybrid 2015 Black Color

Push start, projection LED headlight, 2 door power, 1800cc engine capacity, full black leather seat, nickel handle,...

৳ 1,200,000
1 month ago
Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

Power steering, front power windows, maruti suzuki alto is available in Petrol and CNG engines, 796 cc petrol and CNG...

৳ 2,980,000
2 months ago
Toyota Noah XL-Smart Non-Hybrid 2015

Pearl-color, 2015 model year, 2000cc engine capacity, XL package, navigation TV, back camera, DVD, projection...

৳ 3,480,000
5 months ago
Toyota Premio NZT260 2017

LED headlamp, aac, sts, ABS brake, fog, navi, back monitor, audio steering, pre-crash safety system, half leather beige...

৳ 3,200,000
5 months ago
Toyota Prius Alpha 2015 Hybrid 1790cc Car

G touring selection, LED head lamp, 7 seat, ABS breaking system, air bag, fog cutter, navi, back monitor, audio...

৳ 700,000
5 months ago
Suzuki Omni

Manual transmission, 34.2 HP @ 5000 RPM maximum engine power, 59 N m @ 2500 RPM maximum torque, 4 stroke cycle, 6V,...

৳ 3,800,000
11 months ago
Nissan X-Trail Hybrid 2016 Pearl Color

Push start, projection LED headlight, leather steering, original leather seat, multimedia steering control, soft-touch...

৳ 3,600,000
8 months ago
Nissan X-Trail Hybrid Pearl Color

LED headlamp, 2000cc engine capacity, 2015 model year, ABS breaking, navi, airbag, back monitor, seat heater, nickel...

৳ 2,650,000
7 months ago
BMW X5 7-Series 2003 Black Sapphire Metallic Color

4-wheel anti-lock, 4400cc engine capacity, 6-speed automatic transmission, 325 HP @ 6100 RPM power, 8.3L long highway...