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৳ 5,050
16 days ago
A4Tech Bloody B820R RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

A4Tech Bloody B820R has USB connector, optic switch key style, 0.2ms key response, 100% anti-ghosting key, 8 convex...

৳ 2,150
1 hour ago
A4Tech Bloody B130 Gaming Keyboard

Illuminate gaming keyboard, water-resistant, 4 silicon-coated keys, 3-color backlit, screw enhanced space-bar, 1000Hz...

৳ 2,600
16 days ago
A4Tech Bloody B180R RGB Gaming Keyboard

Advance precision gaming grea, 16.8 M colors, 7 lighting mode, silincon coated key, screw enhanced space-bar, fully...

৳ 2,100
1 day ago
A4Tech Bloody B125 Illuminated Stylish Gaming Keyboard

Double secure with water-resistant, USB connectivity, red silicon-coated keycaps, 1.8m length cable, 1000Hz report...

৳ 1,200
1 month ago
A4Tech 3000N V-Track 2.4G Wireless Bangla Keyboard

A4Tech 3000N V-track has 2.4G wireless connectivity, full-sized keyboard, sync RF technology, laser engraved keys,...

৳ 1,900
6 hours ago
A4Tech Bloody B125 Water Resistant Gaming Keyboard

USB connectivity, red silicon coated keycaps, double secured with water resistant, 1.8m length cable, 1000Hz report...

৳ 550
2 hours ago
A4Tech KLS-5 Multimedia Keyboard

A4Tech KLS-5 multimedia keyboard, USB interface, wired connectivity, Bangla / English language support.