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Astha BM-200N Automatic Banknote Banding Machine

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Money Counting Machine
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Astha BM-200N professional currency binding machine has adopted the advanced international feed wheel to solve the viscose problem, note binding paper roll in long-term stock can be used properly for 5 years using environmental protection thermostatic head, high toughness double steel wire to protect break, built-in 2pcs Japanese chip for storing temperature, built-in heat sink to maintenance span life of thermostatic head, enhanced motor and iron knife shelf cutter can work more than 800 hours without stopping, binding speed less than 2 seconds, LCD display 1.5-inch, cash center money holder thickness 4mm, 100-200 notes binding over 800 hours without stopping, binding speed < 2 seconds / once, power AC 220V-240V / 50-60 Hz, and standby power 10W.

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