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D Yedemc Fiber Optical Multi-Meter Cable Tester Price in Bangladesh

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Lowest Price ৳ 4,500
Item Cable Tester
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Seller Location Dhaka, Bangladesh

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৳ 4,500
6 months service


+/-0.05dB accuracy
0.1%mW, 0.01dBm display resolution
-10~+60° working temperature
-30~+70°C storage temperature
10-minute auto-off time


This D Yedemc fiber optic cable tester can measure 8 standard wavelengths: 850 / 980 / 1300 / 1310 / 1490 / 1550 / 1625 / 1650nm, with a test range of -70dBm+6dBm and a 1mw red light source. This hand-held optical power meter is primarily used for measuring uninterrupted optical signal power, optical fiber link loss testing, and optical fiber line on-off testing. It is powered by a single chip microprocessor that performs all the necessary functions. Optical cable construction and maintenance, optical fiber communication, optical cable sensing, optical CATV and other fields make extensive use of this technology.

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