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Digital 1000VA Pure Sine Wave LCD Display 50Hz UPS Cum IPS

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Digital 1000VA pure sine wave UPS has a modern PWM based charging system, 200mAh hamko battery, pure sine wave, DsPIc microcontroller technology, dual-mode operation UPS / IPS, 100-280V IPS mode AC input, 180- 280V UPS mode AC input, 220 +/- 5V both UPS + IPS mode AC output, 50Hz output frequency, 85% - 95% work efficiency, user-friendly operation, an LCD display indication, full power and soft start, high transform efficiency, fast start, strong adaptability and stability, safe and reliable with a built-in fuse, temperature-controlled fan, safe & efficient, low voltage protection, over-voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, 14.4V full charge cutoff, 9.5V low voltage cutoff, input reverse connection protection, 100% copper transformer coil, glass fiber circuit board.

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