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JiLong KL-280G Fusion Splicer Machine with 5.7" Color LCD

JiLong KL-280G Fusion Splicer Machine with 5.7
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Splicer Machine

JiLong KL-280G fusion splicer machine has PAS technology, applicable fibers SM MM DS NZDS, fiber diameter - cladding diameter 80-150μm, coating diameter 100-1000μm, fiber count single - fiber cleaved length 8-16mm / coating diameter 250μm, actual average splice loss 0.02dB/SM / 0.01dBMM / 0.04dB/DS / 0.04dB/NZDS, typical splicing time typical 9 sec, return loss 60dB, splicing mode - auto / calibrate / normal / special, fiber aligning method - meticulous / core / clad / manual, splicing program 53 templet / 40 user, tube heating program 9 templet / 24 user, tube typical heating time 30 sec, protection sleeve length 60mm / 40mm, storage of splice result 4000 results - 20 parameter per result, fiber image magnification 300X / 150X, battery capacity typical 150 cycles, 5.7 inch TFT color LCD monitor, tension test 2N electrode life 2500, terminal USB and VGA, power supply AC 100-240V with AC adapter, inner li-battery 7800 mAh.

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