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Matica XID8100 Retransfer Double Sided ID Card Printer Price in Bangladesh


Dye sublimation retransfer
Prints up to 102 cards per hour
300 dpi print resolution
200 card input hopper capacity
100 card output hopper capacity
Lifetime printhead warranty

Full Specification

ID 57481
Lowest Price ৳ 280,000
Item ID Card Printer
Status Out of Stock
Updated 5 months ago
Seller Location Bangladesh


The Matika XID 8100 is an entry-level retransfer ID card printer that can handle daily printing requirements. It uses retransfer printing technology that can be printed at the edges in card design and graphic format without any restrictions. The printer is made of durable, durable non-PVC cards such as ABS, PET, and polycarbonate. As standard, the XID 8100 prints unilaterally but a variety of additional modules such as flipper modules, curved remedy modules as well as encoders can be added.

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