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N9 GSM SIM Spy Audio Call Listener Price in Bangladesh

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৳ 1,490


1 x N9 audio device
1 x USB cable
1 x user manual

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ID 60013
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Item Voice Recorder
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Seller Location Dhaka, Bangladesh


To use this spy audio listening gadget need to charge it first. After that, insert a SIM card and turn the unit on. Place the unit in a convenient location and then dial the phone number / SIM number of this device from a mobile phone. Any speech, audio, sound, or conversation from the location where the device was left would be available to the user. If desired, the user may also record his or her voice. This GSM bug device can be hidden under a desk ledge or a coffee table. This system can be operated at any time, from any place, using any phone. The system will "respond" by triggering a series of three tiny microphones if the sound will higher than 45db within 4 meters that will enable the user to hear all that is going on in the room through the smartphone. 4 x 3 x 1cm dimension, GSM / SIM card support, -+10K relative sensitivity, -40~50°C working temperature, 1.2K - 800Khz frequency, approved by CE / FCC. Only 24g weight.

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MD HASAN | 22 January 2023 03.22 PM Good