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Nestle Lactogen 1

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Lactogen 1 is a spray dried infant formula for infant from birth onward. After the birth of a child, from the World Health Organization to all the leading medical and health organizations, according to everyone, breast milk is the best and natural food for a baby. Even then, if a baby is not able to get enough breast milk or is deprived of breast milk, it should be arranged separately for all the babies as per the advice of the health worker.

It is very important for the baby to have proper and proper nutritional value. One such food is Lactogen-1 which can be fed until the baby is six months old. At this time many people can talk about feeding the baby a lot of food but not everything can be fed if you want. Because the baby's digestive system needs to adapt to the new environment in the early stages of the baby's life, it is important to be extremely careful when feeding anything other than breast milk.

Lactogen-1 is a formula made by properly controlling all the nutrients that a baby needs to grow in the first place. So that there is whey protein in the milk which is an essential element for the health of the baby and early growth and it can be easily digested so that the baby's digestive system can adapt very easily. The advice of a health worker is very important for its proper use and quantity. This is because if you overdo it, it can be a problem for your baby. Using it without advice can cause your baby to cry a lot and cause constipation.

You also need to be very careful before preparing it. Advice should also be taken to wash hands well, use hot water, keep it in the oven for a long time, then feed the baby properly.


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