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Remax RU-S2 Multiplug Price in Bangladesh


245 x 44.4 x 27mm dimension
Rated input - AC 110V-240V / 50-60Hz / MAX 10A
Rated output - AC 110V-240V / 50-60Hz / Max 2500W

Full Specification

ID 67730
Lowest Price ৳ 999
Item Multi Plug
Status Sold Out
Updated 7 days ago
Seller Location Bangladesh


Remax RU-S2 has 3 power sockets with 4-USB ports and a 1.8-meter cable. Its USB output is DC5V, 2.1A DC5V, 2.1A DC5V, 2.1A DC 5V, 1A DC5V. Its module includes a tinning oxygen-free copper line core and its cover made of fireproof ABS material.

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