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Rotary Rack Oven for Bakery Items Price in Bangladesh


2 x trolley or 2 x 36 tray or 1 x 72 tray.
18 x 32-inch size of each tray.
90 x 118 x 101 inch oven size.

Full Specification

ID 60783
Lowest Price ৳ 750,000
Item Agricultural Machinery
Status Out of Stock
Updated 1 year ago
Seller Location Bangladesh


Rotary rack oven for bakery with 2 piece trolley has the capability of conserving heat and improve productivity. The entire firing area is coated with mineral wool-filled outside. Stainless steel is used to build the firing chambers. A blower fan uniformly delivers hot air into the oven and the oven's rotary motions ensure even and uniform baking for all the rack. A full stainless steel door has a heat-resistant silicone gasket that seals the door and allows the oven to produce heat. The rotating fan can be well balanced to prevent vibration and operated at high speeds without making a sound. The temperature in the oven is maintained by a digital identifying controller, which includes a safety thermostat, a timer and a hooter that assists in the baking cycle. The industrial biscuit / bread / cake maker oven can be operated by a 3hp or 440V 2800rpm motor.

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