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ZKTeco ZK-FBL4022 Single Lane Barrier Turnstile

Price ৳ 235,000
ID 61842 favourite
Brand ZKTeco
Item Barrier Gate
Status Sold Out
Updated 4 months ago


ZKTeco ZK-FBL4022 barrier has fingerprint and RFID reader is a single-lane flap barrier turnstile series that operates quietly and smoothly while drawing very little electricity. It also has configuration plate for the main turnstile time / alarms, and the opening. The InBio controller comes with a fingerprint reader that connects to the program through TCP/IP. It is made of stainless steel, LED indicator, AC 110/220 V power supply, -28º C ~ +60º C temperature operation, 1010 x 300 x 1350 mm dimension, 142Kg weight.


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