Electric Pest Control

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1 hour ago
Mosquitoe Killer Electric Shock Eco-Friendly LED 220v Lamp

Mosquitoes killer electric shock lamp LED 220v is Eco-friendly, rechargeable, no harmful chemicals cleanliness and...

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moment ago
Riddexi Pest Repelling Aid Rodent Roaches Repellent Control

Riddexi pest control device is capable to kill mosquitoes, roaches, rats, ant, spiders. No harmful chemicals, work...

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1 day ago
Smart Sensor AR116 Dual Channel Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller

Smart sensor AR116 ultrasonic mosquito repeller has dual channel, 80 square meter effective area, no poisons and no...

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18 days ago
Pest Killer Malaysia

Pest killer made in Malaysia

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2 months ago
Insect Killer

Electric Insect Killer at different size.

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5 months ago
Advanced Design Safe Effective 12W Moskil Pest Controller

Moskil pest controller 12 watt has technology to kill flies and mosquitoes by physical trap without irritant smell,...

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7 months ago
DP DP-814B Long Usage Electronic Mosquito Swatter

DP DP-814B electronic mosquito swatter has 400mAh battery capacity, additional lighting function, long usage life, safe...

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7 months ago
Electric Mosquito Killer 3-Layer Net with LED Flashlight

Electric mosquito killer has 3 layer net, rechargeable battery, LED flashlight, two external layers protect, safe for...

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11 months ago
Electronic Mosquito Killing Lamp

Electronic mosquito killing lamp has 220V LED, eco-friendly, rechargeable, no harmful chemicals cleanliness and healt,...

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11 months ago
MicroCell Anti Mosquito Wristband Microfiber Vegetable Oil

MicroCell anti mosquito wristband has various colors, easy carrying, adjustable anti mosquito bracelet size, up to 15...