Portable Hard Disk Price in Bangladesh 2023

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Portable hard disk is an external storage device that can be connected to any computer, laptop, and server using USB or a dedicated port. Nowadays, portable hard disk is used for keeping computer and server data backup. A large amount of data can be stored without any risk with the help of a portable hard disk. And, portable hard disk can be carried anywhere as needed. Currently, Adata, Transcend, Western Digital, and various Chinese brands of portable hard disk are available in Bangladesh.

What is the price of portable hard disk?

Portable hard disk price is determined by its brand, capacity, size, and data transfer rate. Currently, portable hard disk price in BD starts from TK 4,200 which is usually a 1-terabyte capacity hard disk. 2-TB portable hard disk price starts from TK 7,000 with an RPM of 5400 and supports USB 3.0 connectivity. Moreover, portable HDD with password security is available in Bangladesh which cost a bit more.

What to look for before buying a portable hard disk?

Nowadays portable hard disk is used everywhere to store data. So, before buying a portable hard disk, there are some things that must be considered for its ease of use.

1. Capacity: The first thing to consider before buying a portable hard disk is its capacity. Capacity of portable hard disk should be selected as per requirement. However, 1-terabyte and 2-terabyte portable hard disk in particular is used more frequently. Moreover, portable hard disk with up to 12-terabyte capacity is available in Bangladesh.

2. Size: Generally portable hard disk is 2.5 to 3.5 inch form factor or size. So, according to the preference and need, one needs to procure a portable hard disk of a specific size.

3. Data Transfer Rate: Data transfer rate may vary depending on the type of data. However, the maximum data transfer rate of portable hard disks is 5GB/s. Therefore, before buying a portable hard disk, one must check its data transfer rate.

4. RPM Speed: Portable hard disk has two types of RPM speed 5400 RPM and 7200 RPM. RPM is the rotation speed per minute of the hard disk. And, the higher the RPM speed, the faster the hard disk can access data. So, buy portable hard disk of specific RPM speed as per requirement.

5. Connectivity: Portable hard disk usually come with USB 3.0, USB 3.1, and USB 3.2 interfaces. Also, some portable hard disks come with USB Type C, USB Type B, and USB Type A interface types. As a result, portable hard disk can be directly connected to mobile, laptop, computer and transfer data.

6. Special Technology: Portable hard disks have a variety of special technologies, including shock sensors, shock resistance, shockproof, water resistant, dust resistant, and military-grade protection. Therefore, a portable hard disk with special technology should be procured as per the requirement.