Fitness Accessories

15 fitness accessories
৳ 599
12 days ago
Royal Posture Back Support Brace

Royal posture the amazing back support that perfectly aligns your spine to help relieve pain, supports your neck, your...

৳ 649
12 days ago
Electrothermal Hot Water Bag Already Filled with Water

Electrothermal hot water bag, doesn't need to be refilled every now and then - already filled with water,...

৳ 1,449
12 days ago
Vibro Shape High Performance Comfortable Slimming belt

Vibro Shape high performing slimming belt has elliptic oscillation slimming belt mechanism, effectiveness, good...

৳ 699
12 days ago
Copper Fit Back Pro Wrap Belt for Men and Women

Copper fit back pro wrap belt for men and women has lightweight breathable fabric, adjustable velcro closure, easy...

৳ 1,350
6 hours ago
Vibro Shape Elliptic Oscillation Slimming Belt

Vibro shape slimming belt has effectiveness, good digestion, relaxation and exercise, elliptic oscillation slimming...

৳ 400
6 hours ago
Four Way Stretchable Fabric Anklet Tynor

Anklet tynor has four way stretchable fabric, retains body heat effectively, speeds up healing and allays pain, uniform...

৳ 1,800
4 days ago
Sanyo Pedometer Step Calorie Counter Stopwatch And Radio

Sanyo pedometer step calorie counter has stopwatch and AM/FM radio function, trnizstor stereo includes gauge calorie...

৳ 849
12 days ago
Tractors for Cervical Spine Comforter

The tractors for cervical spine are pneumatic tractors. It can treat the problems of end-nerve cervical spine. It can...

৳ 400
6 hours ago
Unique Weave Knee Cap Tynor

Knee cap tynor has four way stretch, uniform compression, tapered shape and unique weave, two layered with interwoven...

৳ 999
11 days ago
Velform Sauna Heat Belt Safe Weight Loss Tool

Velform sauna heat belt safe weight loss tool and heat pad on the belt will melt away the unwanted fat from body tissue...