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৳ 25,499
14 days ago
Sony BDV-E3100 5.1ch 3D Blu-Ray Home Cinema System

Sony BDV-E3100 5.1ch 3D Blu-ray home cinema system has NFC, ethernet, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI output, USB play,...

৳ 50,000
13 days ago
Sony BDV-N9200W 3D Blu-Ray Premium Home Cinema System

Sony BDV-N9200W 3D blu-ray disc premium home cinema system has 1200 watt power output, 5.1 form factor, s-master...

৳ 12,500
4 days ago
Sony DAV-TZ140 Monolithic-Design 5.1 Channel Home Theater

Sony DAV-TZ140 home theater system with DVD player has 300 watt power output, monolithic-design 5.1-ch system with DVD...

৳ 10,500
11 days ago
Microlab FC730 5.1 Perfect Linear Response Home Theater

Hhigh definition 5.1 home theater speaker, wood finish, powerful sound, V12 fine cone technology with perfect linear...

৳ 51,500
7 days ago
Sony BDV-N9200W Home Theater System 1200W 3D Blu-Ray WiFi

Sony BDV-N9200W 3D blu-ray home theater has 5.1 form factor, 1200W total output, high-resolution audio capability,...

৳ 9,999
2 days ago
Remax RTS-10 Remote Control Soundbar Home Theater

Wireless bluetooth cunnectivity, 30Hz-20KHz frequency response, ≥75dB signal to noise ratio, remote control,...

৳ 58,000
11 days ago
Samsung Harman/Kardon HW-N850 Wireless Soundbar

Sealed enclosure speaker, cinematic wireless smart soundbar with Dolby Atmos audio feature, 5.1.2 number of channel, 13...

৳ 11,000
11 days ago
F&D T-360X High Performance Wireless Home Theater System

F&D T-360X high performance wireless home theater system power has 4 x 2.25 inch full satellite driver range, 8 inch...

৳ 43,000
13 days ago
Sony Shake-X10D High Power Audio Home Theatre

Sound pressure horn for powerful bass, speaker lighting and customizable party lighting, 50kHz tuning range, RMS total...

৳ 11,450
10 days ago
Sony DAV-TZ140 Compact 5.1ch DVD Home Cinema System

Sony DAV-TZ140 has compact 5.1ch DVD home cinema system, 5.1 channel DVD home cinema system has USB compatibility,...

৳ 28,000
2 days ago
Sony DAV-DZ350 Dolby Digital Bluetooth Home Cinema System

Sony DAV-DZ350 region free DVD home cinema system has 5.1 channel, stylish quartz monolithic design with DVD player,...

৳ 23,500
2 days ago
Sony BDV-E2100 5.1 Channel Wi-Fi Home Theatre System

Sony BDV-E2100 home theater has 5.1 channel form factor, 1000 watt power output, FM band, 3D blu-ray disc, full range...

৳ 35,500
13 days ago
Sony BDV-E6100 Blu-ray 3D 1000 Watt Wireless Home Theatre

Sony BDV-E6100 home cinema system has blu-ray player, 3D ready, 5.1 channel surround home theatre sound, 1000W speaker...

৳ 18,000
11 days ago
F&D F6000X 5:1 Wireless Bluetooth Home Theater

Bluetooth connectivity, bluetooth 4.0 version, up to 15 meter bluetooth range, full range 3 inch driver for satellites,...

৳ 34,500
11 days ago
Sony BDV-E6100 5.1 Home Theatre with 3D Blu-Ray Player

Bluetooth connectivity / wi-fi connectivity, 000w RMS power output, Sony entertainment network, free app, use...

৳ 32,000
13 days ago
Harman Kardon SB20 Powerful Wireless Soundbar

Powerful bluetooth and wireless connectivity, 1008 x 54 x 97 inches dimensions, 1 lithium metal batteries required,...

৳ 36,500
4 days ago
Sony BDV-E6100 Blu-Ray 3D Player Home Cinema System

Sony BDV-E6100 home cinema system with blu-ray 3D player has 5.1 channel surround sound with four tall speakers and...

৳ 35,000
13 days ago
Sony HT-RT40 5.1 Channel Home Cinema Soundbar System

Sony HT-RT40 home cinema soundbar system has 5.1 audio channel, dolby digital sound, 600 watt power output, tall boy...

৳ 29,000
4 days ago
Sony DAV-TZ715 600W 5.1CH DVD Home Theater System

Sony DAV-TZ715 5.1 channel DVD home theater system has 600 watt output, HDMI output upscale 1080p for DVD, bravia sync,...

৳ 32,500
13 days ago
Sony BDV-E4100 WiFi 5.1 3D Blu-ray Disc Smart Home Theatre

Sony BDV-E4100 5.1 smart home theatre has total 1000 watt output power, blu-ray player, DVD player, FM radio, 3D video...