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Redmi All Phone Price in Bangladesh

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One of the products of Xiaomi Corporation is smart mobile phone. And, one of the smart mobile sub-brands of Xiaomi Corporation is Redmi. Redmi smart mobile phone has become very popular in Bangladesh due to its modern technical features and attractive design. Different series and models of Redmi phone is available at low price in Bangladesh.

How many series of Redmi phones are there?

A total of 4 series of Redmi phones have been marketed in the Asian continent. Here are the details about the Redmi phone series:

Redmi Series: The Redmi series of phones have gained popularity in the Asian continent as low-cost phone. On a regional basis, the Redmi series phones have some variations of the same model phone in India, China, Japan, and Global. Sometimes there are differences in the naming of phones of the same model. Redmi series of phones have gained huge popularity in Bangladesh as low-cost high-configuration phone.

Redmi Note Series: Among the Redmi phones, the Redmi Note series of phones has gained the most popularity. The Redmi Note series of phones range from low-range budget to mid-range budget. The camera quality, display quality, charging backup, and other technical features of this series of phones are competitive with high-range budget phones.

Redmi A Series: Redmi A series phones are the cheapest and low-configuration phones among the Redmi phones. A total of 4 models of Redmi A series phones have been marketed so far.

Redmi K Series: The most high-configuration phone among the Redmi phones is the Redmi K series phone. The prices of Redmi K series phones are also relatively high. The design of the Redmi K series phones is relatively attractive.

What is the price of Redmi mobile in Bangladesh?

Currently, Redmi mobile phones in Bangladesh are available in both new and used condition. Redmi mobile price is determined based on its configuration, quality, and condition. Redmi mobile price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 4,500 which is a 3GB RAM / 32GB storage phone and comes in old condition. On the other hand, the price of a new condition Redmi mobile starts from Tk 12,000 which is also a 3GB RAM / 32GB storage phone.

What is the specialty of Redmi mobile?

The special features of Redmi Mobile are discussed in detail:

1. Design: Redmi mobile phones offer a relatively attractive design as per the budget. As a result, the Redmi phone looks premium when held in the hand. Therefore, Redmi mobile phones are at the top of the demand of the current modern fashionable generation.

2. Operating System: MIUI Android operating system is used in Redmi smart mobile. As a result of the MIUI operating system, Redmi phones have more technical features and graphical animations. And, the security system of MIUI operating system is much stronger.

3. Camera: All Redmi mobiles from low to high budget range include high-megapixel cameras. As a result, better-quality images and videos can be easily captured.

4. Durability: Redmi mobile phones can be used for a relatively long time. And, the performance drop rate of Redmi mobile is very low even after long usage.

5. Affordable Price: The price of Redmi smart phones is relatively low in proportion to the configuration. Therefore, the Redmi mobile is very popular in Asian continent including Bangladesh.

Best Redmi Mobile Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for May, 2023

Redmi Mobile Model Price in BD
Xiaomi Redmi 5A ৳ 5,350
Xiaomi Redmi 5 4GB / 32GB ৳ 7,350
Redmi Note 5 ৳ 8,700
Xiaomi Redmi 5 2GB / 16GB ৳ 5,990
Xiaomi Redmi 10 ৳ 16,000
Xiaomi Redmi 9 Activ ৳ 13,650
Xiaomi Redmi 3 3GB / 32GB ৳ 4,500
Xiaomi Redmi 6 3GB / 32GB ৳ 8,499
Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro ৳ 7,820
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 4GB / 64GB ৳ 10,700