Cat-5 Cable Price in Bangladesh 2022 & 2023

Network cabling is required to exchange data between advanced devices at high speeds. And the most popular cabling in the networking world is the Cat5 cable. Cat5 is the most commonly used cable with Ethernet cable-supported devices. Moreover, Cat5 is basically a twisted pair cable for connecting to a computer network. Cat5 cable is also used for sending telephone or video signals.

How many types of Cat5 cables are available in Bangladesh?

Along with the technological updates of network devices, network cables are also changing. Because the speed of data exchange between network devices depends on the cable. There are basically two types of Cat5 cables. Cat5 cable types are discussed below:

Cat5 Cable: Cat5 cable basically consists of four pairs of copper wires in twisted pairs, but two pairs of copper wires are added for faster Ethernet connections. However, data transfer over the Cat5 cable is relatively slow. Cat5 cable is used mainly with telephones.

Cat5e cable: Cat5e cable is made by adding advanced technology to Cat5 cable. Cat-5e cable can connect four pairs of twisted pair copper wires for high-speed connections. The data transfer speed of the Cat5e cable is about ten times higher than that of the Cat5 cable.

Why buy Cat5 cable?

Currently, Cat5e cable is widely used among Cat5 cables. Cat-5e cables are used in computer network connectivity and to transfer telephone or video signals at relatively high speeds.

Data transfer: Cat5 cable can transfer data with a bandwidth of 350 MHz, so the data transfer speed is up to 1000 megabits per second. Moreover, if the Cat-5e cable is used for data transfer instead of the Cat5 cable, it works in a compatible manner.

Frequency: Cat5e cable typically transfers bandwidth at a frequency of 100 MHz. However, this type of cable is capable of transferring bandwidth at 350 MHz frequency. Moreover, in the case of data transfer through the Cat5e cable, no unwanted signal transfer or interference is allowed through the channel.

Transmission Distance: Cat5e cable can transmit data, telephone or video signals up to a maximum distance of 100 meters to 328 feet. If you want to transfer data over a longer distance with a Cat5e cable, then it is possible to transfer data at the same speed by using a network switch after a certain distance.

What to do when buying Cat5 cable?

  • Before buying the cable, measure the distance from the connection point to the home or office location
  • Cat5 cable is available in both shielded and unshielded form so select the type and quality of cable as per the requirement
  • Transferring signals using Cat5 cables requires a functional device such as a router that can easily establish connections between network devices

What is the price of Cat5 cable in BD?

At present, the price of Cat5 and Cat5e cables in Bangladesh varies depending on the type, distance, and quantity of cable. Cat5 cable price in BD is TK 2,750 per 305 meters but depending on the quality, the price of 305 meters Cat5 cable can be up to Rs 9,000. Users can collect cables according to their needs. Cat5 cable varies from TK 9 to TK 30 per meter based on quality and whether it is shielded or unshielded

Best Cat5 Network Cable Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for March, 2023

Cat5 Network Cable Model Price in BD
Szadp UTP Cat-5E LAN Cable with 130M Signal ৳ 3,000
Cat5E 30-Meter UTP LAN Cable ৳ 650
Cat5E 10-Meter UTP LAN Cable ৳ 240
Cat5E 15-Meter UTP LAN Cable ৳ 320