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৳ 2,770
2 days ago
Full Body Harness UEE 265K with Twin Lanyard

Full body harness UEE 265K with twin lanyard and kinetic shock absorber.

৳ 80,000
7 days ago
Digisystem DSO-800D Natural Convection Hot Air Oven

Made in Taiwan, 80 liter capacity, 1250 watt, 200 degree ℃ working temperature, 420 x 450 x 463 mm chamber, natural...

৳ 11,500
7 days ago
Gray Scale for Staining

Maximum12 month date first use, gray scale for assessing color staining, 105-A03 ISO, 20105-A03 BS EN, part no 403232,...

৳ 250
17 days ago
Strong Shoe Cover

Taffeta fabric, black color, made in Bangladesh.

৳ 1,000
22 hours ago
Seesa Multi Purpose 900ML Spray Bottle

Multi-purpose colorful 900ML empty spray bottle, origin is Zhejiang, China.

৳ 55,000
28 days ago
ENA Magnetic Induction Detector

Intelligent needle, metal darner maximum 110mm detecting ability, stepless detecting adjustment, buzzer / lamp alarm...

৳ 37,000
22 hours ago
Disinfection Chamber with Auto Spray Mechanism

Auto and manual spray option with adjustable timing, 0 infection rust, 25-liter jar that can be disinfected 850 people,...

৳ 3,100
21 days ago
84 Disinfectant Liquid

Disinfectant liquid effective chlorine content is 4-7%, which can kill intestinal pathogenic bacteria / pyogenic...

৳ 10,500
28 days ago
E's Scientific LH0301008 Adjustable Volume Pipetter

Comfortable finger hook, plastic material, quick release tip ejector, digital volume display, lightweight and...

৳ 12,500
7 days ago
SDC Gray Scale for Change in Color

Nine pair of non-glossy neutral grey colored chip, corresponding fastness rating of 5 / 4-5 / 4 / 3-4 / 3 / 2-3 / 2 /...

৳ 3,100
28 days ago
Formaldehyde detector 603A Sound and Light Alarm

Formaldehyde TVOC and HCHO, planar semiconductor gas sensor, high sensitivity, 0~3.000mg/m⊃3;(HCHO)...

৳ 5,650
5 days ago
Digital Caliper IP54 6" Waterproof Vernier Scale

Terma ABS origin digital caliper, waterproof digital vernier caliper gauge, LCD display, 0.01mm accuracy measurement,...

৳ 27,700
2 days ago
Ramp All-In-One Shrinkage Template And Scale

Ramp all-in-one shrinkage template and scale has 250mm / 350mm / 500mm length between slot to slot, distance of scale...

৳ 4,500
22 hours ago
Morgen Automatic Sprayer Machine 18L

Tank capacity 18 liter, 60 cm hose length, built-in measuring scale, pressure release valve.

৳ 9,250
7 days ago
Digital Caliper IP54 12" Vernier Scale

Stainless steel with large LCD display, terma ABS origin digital caliper, waterproof digital vernier caliper, mm / inch...

৳ 2,800
22 hours ago
Diamond Steel Hand Sprayer 16L

16 liter capacity, plastic material, oscillating type.

৳ 550,000
3 days ago
Walk Through Temperature Scanner & Disinfection Chamber

Human body disinfection booth with fever detector for office building, residential building and factory. It uses...

৳ 2,100
4 months ago
Olimpo 0-90% Optical Sugar Food Drinks Refractometer

Easy to focus and calibrate and very convenient to use, built-in ATC from 10 ~ 30 degrees celsius, durable and burns...

৳ 1,950
4 months ago
Digital Formaldehyde Detector Air Quality Monitor

Test holes designed to provide cross ventilation, portable design makes, 2200 mAh lithium battery, TVOC, formaldehyde...

৳ 700
6 days ago
Water Quality Tester Electrolyzer

Electrolysis for water purity testing with TDS range 1-9999 ppm / mg / L, ideal for using in drinking water / water...