Hitachi Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

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One of the products of Hitachi Corporation is Hitachi refrigerator which has gained great popularity in Bangladesh due to its advanced cooling system. Hitachi refrigerator and freezer incorporate advanced inverter technology and a cost-effective refrigerant system. One of the reasons why Hitachi refrigerator and freezer in particular is at the top of demand among users is its long-term durability. Hitachi refrigerator and freezer of various capacities is currently available in Bangladesh. Moreover, various models of Hitachi refrigerator can be procured from at a low price.

What is the price of Hitachi Refrigerator in Bangladesh?

Currently, the price of Hitachi refrigerator is determined based on its capacity, design, technology, etc. Hitachi refrigerator price in Bangladesh starts from as low as BDT 70,000 which is a 230-liter refrigerator. Moreover, buying a Hitachi refrigerator with a capacity of more than 300-liter costs more than BDT 100,000. And, to buy a Hitachi refrigerator with a capacity of more than 600-liter in Bangladesh, one needs to spend at least BDT 190,000.

Why choose Hitachi Refrigerator?

1. Hitachi refrigerator incorporates advanced technology refrigerant system to effortlessly keep food fresh for a long period of time. Moreover, the internal temperature of the Hitachi refrigerator can be lowered or raised as needed.

2. Hitachi refrigerator features attractive designs that are compatible with any kitchen interior. And, Hitachi refrigerator is versatile to make any kitchen look attractive.

3. Hitachi refrigerator includes powerful anti-bacterial deodorizer technology that protects the food inside the refrigerator from bacterial attack. Also, the deodorizer technology of this Hitachi refrigerator does not produce odors and keeps the air inside fresh.

4. As per the requirement, single-door and double-door Hitachi refrigerator of different capacities is available in Bangladesh at an affordable price.

5. Hitachi refrigerator comes with a limited parts and service warranty. As a result, if there is any problem with the Hitachi refrigerator within a certain period, the company provides free refrigerator parts replacement or servicing facilities.

How durable is Hitachi Refrigerator?

Hitachi refrigerator is made with superior quality materials so this refrigerator can be used for a long time effortlessly. According to the user reviews of Hitachi refrigerators, this refrigerator continues to perform well even after 15 years of use.