Hitachi Refrigerator

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৳ 56,000
2 months ago
Hitachi R-H310P4M Eco Thermo Sensor 289L Line Refrigerator

Hitachi R-H310P4M line refrigerator has fridge capacity 289L, inverter technology, eco thermo sensor, movable twist ice...

৳ 165,000
2 months ago
Hitachi R-WB800P5M Dual Fan 4 Door French Bottom Freezer

Hitachi R-WB800P5M french bottom freezer has 4 doors, capacity gross 650L, net 590L, dual fan french bottom freezer...

৳ 84,000
2 months ago
Hitachi R-VG490P3M 451L Dual Fan Cooling Line Refrigerator

Hitachi R-VG490P3M line refrigerator has refrigerator capacity 451 liters, inverter technology, dual fan cooling...

৳ 135,000
2 months ago
Hitachi R-W720P3M Big Freanch 586-Liter 4-Door Refrigerator

Hitachi big french 4-door refrigerator R-W720P3M has 586L capacity, inverter technology, dual fan refrigerator cooling...

৳ 170,000
4 months ago
Hitachi R-S800P2M GBK 661-Liter Side By Side Refrigerator

Hitachi R-S800P2M GBK side by side refrigerator has 661 liters capacity, mirror black refrigerator color, inverter...

৳ 71,000
4 months ago
Hitachi R-VG420P3M Dual Fan Cooling 382L Line Refrigerator

Hitachi R-VG420P3M line refrigerator has capacity 382 liters, inverter technology, dual fan refrigerator cooling...

৳ 73,000
9 months ago
Hitachi R-VG400GBK 408 Liter Eco Thermo Sensor Refrigerator

Hitachi R-VG400GBK wonderfully designed refrigerator of 408 liters capacity is fully equipped with various healthy...

৳ 120,000
9 months ago
Hitachi WB480PUK-2 GBW 450L Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Hitachi WB480PUK-2 GBW bottom freezer refrigerator has 450 liter capacity, inverter compressor, ECO thermo sensor, dual...

৳ 120,000
9 months ago
Hitachi 550 Liter Bottom Freezer Top Quality Refrigerator

Hitachi RWB550PUK2GB refrigerator is easy to open and close and can hold and support heavy items, bottom freezer...

৳ 125,000
9 months ago
Hitachi 610 Liter Top Freezer Two Door Refrigerator

Hitachi RVG-610PUK3GBK double door refrigerator has stylish and intelligent design, keeps your food fresh, twin...