Sharp Refrigerator

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৳ 158,000
8 months ago
Sharp SJ-X66ST-SL 700 Liter Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Sharp SJ-X66ST-SL side-by-side refrigerator has 700 liter capacity, metal doors, turbo-x cooling system, LED touch...

৳ 58,000
8 months ago
Sharp SJ-SK42E-SS 342 Liter 2 Door Top Mount Refrigerator

Sharp SJ-SK42E-SS top mount refrigerator has 342 liter capacity, 2 doors, A class power consumption, improved glass...

৳ 260,000
8 months ago
Sharp SJ-FS79V-BK Digital Touch 678L 4 Door Refrigerator

Sharp SJ-FS79V-BK black non-frost refrigerator has 678 liter capacity, 4 non frost refrigerator doors, digital touch...

৳ 52,000
8 months ago
Sharp SJ SM30E-SS 227L Ag+ Nano Deodorizer Refrigerator

Sharp SJ SM30E-SS top mount refrigerator has 227 liter capacity, LED inner lighting, 1 chilled compartment, 4...

৳ 120,000
8 months ago
Sharp SJ-PD54P-BK 541 Liter Glass Door Hybrid Refrigerator

Sharp SJ-PD54P-BK hybrid refrigerator has 150 liter freezer storage capacity and 391 liter refrigerator storage...

৳ 90,000
8 months ago
Sharp SJ-PD35P-BK 397 Liter Capacity Slim Edge Refrigerator

Sharp SJ-PD35P-BK refrigerator has 397 liter storage capacity, low vibration and noise, faster cooling, energy star...

৳ 205,000
8 months ago
Sharp SJ-VX79E-SL 726L Express Freezing 4 Door Refrigerator

Sharp SJ-VX79E-SL refrigerator has 726 liter capacity, anti-bacterial effect, 4 doors, J-tech inverter saves energy...

৳ 130,000
8 months ago
Sharp SJ-PD58P-BK J-Tech Inverter 627-Liter Refrigerator

Sharp SJ-PD58P-BK J-tech inverter refrigerator has 627 liter storage capacity, hybrid cooling, glass door, eco button,...