Rice Cooker

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৳ 4,400
4 months ago
Philips HD3129 Non-Stick and Anti-Scratch Jar Rice Cooker

Philips HD3129 rice cooker has long lasting 5-layer pot, advanced anti-scratch coating, high gloss non-stick coating by...

৳ 4,600
4 months ago
Philips Viva Collection HD3132 2L ProCeramic+ Rice Cooker

Philips viva collection HD3132 rice cooker has 5x harder ProCeramic+ coating, smart 3D heating system, automatic keep...

৳ 4,100
4 months ago
Philips HD3119 Long Lasting 5-Layer Golden Pot Rice Cooker

Philips HD3119 rice cooker has long lasting 5-layer golden pot with big handle, big capacity of 2L, smart 3D heating,...