Waterproof Smart Watch Price in Bangladesh 2023

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Currently, waterproof smart watch is more popular among smart watch users worldwide. Waterproof technology keeps the watch water resistant up to a certain depth of water. Waterproof smart watches can be used for a long time. And currently in Bangladesh Xiaomi, Samsung, and various Chinese brands of waterproof smart watches are available in Bangladesh at low prices.

What is the price of waterproof smart watch?

Waterproof smart watch price is determined based on its technology, design, backup time, and so on. Currently, waterproof smart watch price in Bangladesh starts from TK 500 which provides 5 days backup time on 2 hours charge. Besides, high-quality waterproof smart watch price starts from TK 1,000 that includes various sensors and technologies. Waterproof smart watch with SIM support is available in Bangladesh which cost a bit more.

What to look for before buying a waterproof smart watch?

There are a few things to consider before buying a waterproof smartwatch. The details are described below:

Waterproof Level: Before buying a waterproof smart watch, check its waterproof level. Because the waterproof smart watch can resist water up to a certain depth according to its waterproof level. Moreover, many waterproof smart watch is currently available in Bangladesh which can only resist water splashes. On the other hand, waterproof smartwatch that can be worn while swimming is available in BD.

Design: The waterproof smart watch should be collected according to the wrist fit and preference. Because nowadays users use waterproof smart watches to appear fashionable in all situations. As a result, waterproof smartwatches can be worn while swimming, getting wet in the rain, and bathing in natural springs with a fashionable look.

Sensors: The sensors with special features of waterproof smart watches should be checked to what extent these work when wet in water. Also, check if the waterproof smart watch has specific sensors as required.

Strap Quality: Waterproof smart watch straps should be checked if these are waterproof. Because even if the watch is fine due to getting wet, there is a risk of the watch strap getting damaged.

Best Waterproof Smart Watch Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for December, 2023

Waterproof Smart Watch Model Price in BD
Zepp E Circle AMOLED Smartwatch ৳ 16,800
Zordai Z8 Ultra Smart Watch ৳ 2,990
Fendior G9 Ultra Pro Smart Watch with 3 Straps ৳ 1,899
i8 Ultra Infinity Smartwatch with Airbud ৳ 1,900
Z78 Ultra BT-Calling AMOLED Smart Watch ৳ 2,800
Y80 Ultra Smartwatch with 8 Strap ৳ 2,099
i14 Pro 1.81-inch Smartwatch ৳ 1,899
Z51 1.92" Big Screen Smartwatch ৳ 2,400
W26 Pro Max Smart Watch ৳ 2,450
W9 Large Screen Smart Watch ৳ 2,000