Solar Power System

15 solar power system
৳ 130,000
7 days ago
Commercial 1KW Solar Power Plant

Commercial 1KW solar power plant has solar panel, grid tie inverter or off grid invetrter, DB board, wiring cable,...

৳ 100,000
23 days ago
Solar Power System 1KW

Solar power system 1KW has panel, inverter, charge controller, battery.

৳ 150,000
7 days ago
On Grid 1.5KW Solar Power System

On grid 1.5KW solar power system has solar panel, grid type inverter, structure, energy meter, distribution boards and...

৳ 35,000
1 month ago
Eshine 20W Aluminum Alloy Solar Street Light

Eshine solar street light has 20 watt solar panel, high efficiency mono crystalline silicon, 3.7V lithium battery,...

৳ 130,000
1 month ago
Sukam 1100 VA Intelligent Charging ATC Home Solar IPS

Sukam 1100 VA solar home IPS system has 5 tube / 7 CFL + 5 fans load capacity, 12 hours in day and 4 hours in night IPS...

৳ 5,500
1 month ago
Volvo Solar Battery 12 Volt 30Ah Capacity

Volvo solar battery has 30Ah rated capacity, 12 volt nominal voltage and tall tubular technology.

৳ 6,500
1 month ago
Ensysco EMS-20 20-Watt Mini Solar Power Home System

Ensysco EMS-20 20 Watt mini solar power home system as an alternative energy source for home electricity. Package...

৳ 16,000
1 month ago
Ensysco Solar Powered Laptop Charger

Ensysco SLC-200 solar powered laptop charger can run laptop upto 5 hours, run any AC load upto 150 watt, backup time 5...

৳ 14,000
1 month ago
Ensysco Mini 30 Watt Solar Power Home System

Ensysco mini solar power home system has 30 watt photovoltaic / PV cell solar panel, 10A controller, instant power...

৳ 40,000
1 month ago
Solar IPS Package with 160Watt 4 Hours Backup

Solar IPS Package with 160 Watt & 4 Hours Backup. Load capacity is 1 Tube/2 CFL + 1 Fan. Back Up Time is 4 hours &...