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৳ 16,500
8 hours ago
CEM DT-8820 4 in 1 Multifunction Environment Meter

CEM DT-8820 has been designed to combine the 4 in 1 functions of sound level meter, light meter, humidity meter, and...

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26 days ago
Infrared Thermometer AF110A Auto Power Off Backlight Display

Infrared thermometer AF110A has body measuring range 30 °C~ 45°C, surface measuring range 25 °C~ 60°C, accuracy...

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26 days ago
Smart Sensor Hand-Held Gun Infrared Thermometer AS882

Smart sensor hand-held gun infrared thermometer AS882 has bigger temperature range, thermometer measuring range...

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8 hours ago
AS872 Backlight Display Infrared Laser Thermometer

AS872 infrared thermometer has -18℃~1350℃ measuring range, ±2%or2℃ accuracy, distance spot ratio 50:1,...

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8 hours ago
Smart Sensor AS842A Digital Infrared Thermometer

Smart Sensor AS842A digital infrared thermometer has -50℃ ~ 600℃ temperature range, ±2% or ±2℃ accuracy, 12 : 1...

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26 days ago
Digital Infrared Laser Thermometer LCD Display AS872

Digital infrared laser thermometer AS872 has bigger temperature range, laser thermometer measuring range...

৳ 850
9 hours ago
AR867 Humidity Temperature Meter

AR867 humidity temperature meter has -10℃~50℃ indoor temperature measuring range, -50℃~70℃ outdoor temperature...

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8 hours ago
Smart Sensor AS330 Digital Infrared Thermometer

Smart sensor AS330 non-contact digital infrared thermometer has -32℃ ~ 330℃ temperature range, ±2% or 2℃...

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8 hours ago
Smart Sensor Infrared Energy Lens Digital Thermometer AS862A

Smart sensor non-contact digital infrared thermometer AS862A has infrared energy lens, smart infrared thermometer...

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8 hours ago
Kitchen Digital Thermometer H0240

Kitchen digital thermometer H0240 supports range 50c to 300c, also has digital screen.