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9 days ago
KST 245 80-Channel 246MHz Powerful Radio Walkie-Talkie

KST-245 radio walkie-talkie has 80 channel capacity, 245-246MHz powerful frequency range, ±2.5PPM frequency stability,...

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22 days ago
BaoFeng UV-82 Dual Band Handheld Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkie

BaoFeng UV-82 handheld two-way radio walkie talkie has 400-520 MHz frequency range, dual band, dual display, 128 groups...

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9 days ago
Motorola HT1250 Antenna For Motorola UHF Handsets

Motorola HT1250 antenna for Motorola NAD6502A / HT750 / HT1250 GP88 / GP340 / EX500 / HT600 / CT150 / VL130 / PR400 /...

৳ 5,000
22 days ago
Baofeng BF-777S 16-Channel 48-Hour Working Walkie-Talkie

Baofeng BF-777S walkie-talkie has 400~470 MHz frequency range, channel 16, frequency stability 2.5 ppm, plastic and...

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1 day ago
Kenwood TK-3107 UHF 16-CH Handheld 2-Way Walkie Talkie

Kenwood TK-3107 UHF handheld 2-way walky talky has 16 channel capacity, priority scan and talk back, voice guide to...

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5 days ago
Motorola GP-328 Two Way Radio 16 Channel Walkie Talkie

Motorola GP-328 two way radio walkie talkie has 16 channel, channel spacing 12.5 / 25KHz, frequency range VHF...

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3 days ago
Walkie Talkie Battery for Motorola GP-328

Walkie talkie battery for Motorola GP328 is compatible with original radio, guaranteed to maintain 80% of its rated...

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1 day ago
Kenwood TK-3207G 16 Channel Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie

Kenwood TK-3207G radio walkie talkie has 16 channels capacity, compact design, priority scan and talk back, coice...

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8 days ago
Motocom Handheld SBR Two-Way Walkie Talkie Radio MC-300

Motocom MC-300 handheld SBR two-way walkie talkie radio has frequency range 245 - 246 MHz, RF output power 1W, 1500 mAh...

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1 day ago
Kirisun PT558S Professional 16 Channel Radio Walkie-Talkie

Kirisun PT558S professional walkie-talkie has 16 channel capacity, voice scrambler, emergency signaling, 100mm antenna,...