Blood Pressure Machine

20 blood pressure machines
৳ 800
3 days ago
Doctor BP + Stethoscope Set Combo

Doctor BP + stethoscope set combo for measuring blood pressure.

৳ 2,800
3 days ago
AccuMax BA-6310 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

AccuMax BA-6310 is one of the best easy functional digital blood pressure monitor. It has LCD digital display,...

৳ 6,800
3 days ago
Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope

Littmann classic II S.E. stethoscope has high acoustic sensitivity with both a tunable diaphragm and open bell by...

৳ 3,290
3 days ago
Omron HEM-6121 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-6121 wrist blood pressure monitor has intellisense technology, cuff wrapping guide lamp, hypertension...

৳ 1,200
28 days ago
Electronic RAK289 LCD Screen Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Electronic RAK289 digital blood pressure monitor has LCD screen, fully automatic control, DC 6V power supply, 9.8 x...

৳ 2,200
3 days ago
ALRK2 Blood Pressure Machine With Stethoscope

ALRK2 blood pressure machine has stethoscope, standard cotton cuff, air release valve with spring, standard end valve,...

৳ 2,200
3 days ago
Bioland Digital Wrist Blood Pressure and Pulse Monitor

Bioland wrist blood pressure monitor has one button accurate BP measurement, 128 automatic BP memories, BP measurement...

৳ 1,800
3 days ago
Bioland Advance G-423A Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Bioland Advance G-423A blood glucose monitoring system has long time battery backup, ensures accurate test results,...

৳ 1,399
5 hours ago
Digital LCD Wrist Cuff Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Digital LCD wrist blood pressure monitor has heart beat rate pulse meter measuring system, systolic and diastolic...

৳ 3,050
3 days ago
Omron HEM-7121-E Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Machine

Omron HEM-7121-E digital blood pressure monitor machine made by Japan. This blood pressure monitor machine has...

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