Sleep Apnea (CPAP / BiPAP) Machine Price in Bangladesh

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CPAP Machine Buying in Bangladesh

Sleep apnea is known worldwide as well as in Bangladesh as a sleeping disorder which basically disturbs the normal breathing of people during sleep. Sleep apnea machines are used to keep people with sleeping disorders healthy and normal. A machine-like mask worn over the nose and mouth is called a sleep apnea machine to maintain a normal flow of oxygen to the airways during sleep. Currently, sleep apnea machine is also known as CPAP machine in Bangladesh. Moreover, sleep apnea machines are popular in BD as they effectively contribute to normal sleep and keep patients safe from various diseases including heart disease.

Why is the sleep apnea machine used?

Sleep apnea machine or CPAP machine delivers normal air through a mask over the nose and mouth. This type of machine is mainly used to keep the airway open and prevent pauses in breathing during sleep.

Quality Sleep: CPAP machine keeps the airway open by keeping the breathing rate normal and helps the patient to get adequate sleep. As a result, a patient's normal sleep leads to better physical performance and mood, which plays a role in maintaining good health.

Reduced Health Risk: Patients with sleep apnea suffer from a variety of health complications including high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. And in this case, as a result of using CPAP machine, the health risk of the patient with sleep apnea is reduced to a great extent.

Enhanced Functioning: People with this type of disorder experience excessive daytime sleepiness, which reduces performance in daily life. And to solve this problem, the use of sleep apnea machines plays an important role in reducing daytime sleepiness as well as keeping patients active.

Improved Quality of Life: People suffering from sleep apnea suffer more from fatigue in normal life. As a result, social relationships, work, and leisure are all adversely affected. All in all, using a CPAP machine improves the patient's quality of life in addition to relieving the problem.

How many types of sleep apnea machines are there in Bangladesh?

There are four types of sleep apnea machines available at BD based on disease severity, breathing rate, and other complications.

  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Machine: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine is used through a mask to keep the airway open while the patient is sleeping and maintain normal airflow.
  • Bi-level positive airway pressure (BIPAP) machine: This type of machine basically provides two different levels of air pressure. Firstly provides high pressure during inhalation and secondly lower pressure during exhalation. BIPAP is helpful for people who have difficulty exhaling against the pressure of a CPAP machine.
  • Auto Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) Machine: This type of sleep apnea machine helps to automatically adjust the air pressure based on the patient's breathing rate during sleep.
  • Adaptive Servo Ventilation (ASV) Machine: This type of sleep apnea machine is used in patients whose brain fails to signal to the breathing muscles. Adaptive servo-ventilation machines deliver variable pressure in accordance with the patient's breathing patterns.

What is the price of CPAP machine in Bangladesh?

Currently, CPAP, BIPAP, APAP, and ASV machine is available in various sizes and advanced technologies depending on the severity of the disease. CPAP machine price in Bangladesh starts from TK 5,000 which is suitable for people with low intensity. On the other hand, CPAP machines with technology such as data tracking, pressure control system, and humidifiers price start from TK 40,000. Moreover, an Adaptive servo-ventilation machine is available in BD which costs a bit more.

What is the price of BIPAP machine in Bangladesh?

The BIPAP machine price in Bangladesh starts at Tk 17,000, which is made of dual-wall spring air cushion technology and offers comfort and leak-free performance. BIPAP is also known as a bi-level positive airway pressure machine in Bangladesh. Moreover, the price of BIPAP machine in Bangladesh varies depending on the brand, model, warranty, and other advanced technologies. Also, non-invasive ventilators for effective treatment of adult patients with sleep apnea as well as COPD and obesity hypoventilation syndrome, BIPAP machine with APCV mode is available on a budget of Tk 60,000 to Tk 80,000.

What to look for before buying a sleep apnea machine?

Depending on the severity of sleep apnea, there are different types of CPAP machines. Also features advanced technology machines with data tracking, humidity, and adjustable pressure control settings. But before buying the machine, one must consult a doctor.

1. Pressure Range: The pressure range of the machine should be known first. In this case, an experienced physician will be helpful in determining the appropriate pressure range of the machine based on the severity of the sleep apnea.

2. Mask Compatibility: An important component of the CPAP machine is the mask. Before buying, check whether the machine is compatible with different types of masks. In this case, it will play a comfortable and effective role for the sick person.

3. Noise Level: Some CPAP machines produce excessive noise that can disturb the sleep of the user and their partner. So check for a machine that works quietly.

4. Portable: Compact and lightweight CPAP machines should be selected for easy portability if the user needs to change places frequently.

5. Data Tracking: Digital CPAP machine has data tracking and oxygen flow control system. By this a doctor as well as the user can understand the progress and the airflow can be reduced or increased as needed. So before buying the machine, these things must be taken into consideration.