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৳ 8,800
2 days ago
Smart Sensor AR926 Non Contact Digital Tachometer

Smart Sensor AR926 non contact digital tachometer has digital display, measuring range 2.5~99999RPM, digital tachometer...

৳ 10,500
2 days ago
Smart Sensor AR925 High Precision Digital Tachometer

Smart Sensor AR925 high precision digital tachometer has tachometer measuring range rotate 0.5~19999 RPM, linear...

৳ 18,000
5 months ago
Lutron DT-2268 Contact / Non Contact Quality Tachometer

Lutron DT-2268 quality tachometer has contact/ non contact option, photo tach 5 to 100,000 RPM, large tachometer LCD...

৳ 5,200
5 months ago
Lutron Digital Photo Tacho and Speed Meter DT2234B

PHOTO TACHOMETER (Laser Type) BRAND: LUTRON Model: DT2234B MADE: TAIWAN Specification: Display: 5digits 18mm...