Water Tank Price in Bangladesh

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Water Tank Buying in Bangladesh

Water tank mainly plays an important role in consistent water supply in homes, offices, businesses, and industries. This type of tank is designed for timely water supply as well as storage of water. Moreover, the use of water tank to supply clean and safe water has increased to a large extent to reduce health risks. Currently, various popular brands of water tank including Gazi, Boss, Polycon, Support, Sera, and Taiwan Tank are available at affordable price in Bangladesh according to customer needs and budget.

Benefit of using Water Tank

1. Water tank mainly maintains a reliable water supply by reserving a certain amount of water for use in homes, offices, or businesses. As a result, it ensures water supply in emergencies like power outages.

2. In situations like natural disasters or infrastructure failures, adequate water supply becomes a critical issue. In that case, the water tank helps to store water for the people of the family or large area. Subsequently, clean and safe water is available for drinking, cooking, sanitation, and other essential functions in emergencies.

3. The water tank is protected by multiple layers of stored water. As a result, clean and safe water is obtained without the need to use any chemicals.

4. Rainwater harvesting reduces dependence on groundwater and helps conserve precious water resources. As a result, during monsoons, water tank can be used to store rainwater for irrigation, vehicle washing, or bathroom use.

5. Water tank is available in various sizes, shapes, and materials, which are flexible according to the requirements and the space used. Hence, it can be easily installed as per the needs and preferences in residential, commercial, or industrial premises.

6. Also, water tank is equipped with advanced technologies like filtration systems or purification systems to improve water quality.

7. Having a water tank reduces dependence on external water sources for homes or businesses. As a result, it saves costs and provides self-sufficiency in safe water use.

How much does Water Tank cost?

Water tank is essential for storing water in residential, commercial, and industrial plants. Water tank price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 2,600, which has a capacity of 12 liters and ensures a safe, tasteless, and odorless water supply. Also, water tank price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the brand, size, water capacity, build quality, water purification technology, and other features. Also, water tanks with a water capacity of 500 liters to 3000 liters are available in Bangladesh for use in homes, businesses, and industries.

500 liter Water Tank price

The 500-liter water tank is compact which is suitable for supplying water to a limited number of people. Moreover, the price of a 500-liter water tank in Bangladesh starts from Tk 4,500, which is made of food-grade LLDPE material. However, the price of a 500-liter water tank varies depending on the quality, brand UV protection, and other features.

1000 liter Water Tank price

A water tank of 1000 liter capacity is suitable for residential houses. Currently, the price of a 1000-liter water tank in Bangladesh starts from Tk 9,000, which is made of 100% virgin material. Moreover, the price of a 1000-liter water tank varies depending on the quality, brand, and additional features such as fittings, lids, or overflow protection.

2000 liter Water Tank price

2000 liter capacity water tank is mainly suitable for use in business establishments. The price of a 2000-liter water tank in Bangladesh starts from Tk 18,000. However, the price of a 2000-liter water tank varies depending on the material, brand, quality, and inlet/outlet fittings, among other things, such as polyethylene, fiberglass, or steel.

3000 liter Water Tank price

A 3000-liter water tank is suitable for a continuous supply of water to large offices, business establishments, or industrial plants. The price of a 3000-liter water tank in Bangladesh starts from Tk 27,000, which is an anti-bacterial water tank. However, the price varies depending on the material, brand, quality, and other features used to make a water tank of this size.

Water maintenance tips in Water Tank

Water tank maintenance is very important to ensure that the stored water is clean and safe. There are things to be done to keep the water stored in the water tank suitable for long-term use

  • The water tank should be cleaned at regular intervals. Especially small water tank of 10-50 liters capacity should be cleaned at least once or twice a week. On the other hand, a water tank of 500 to 3000 liters capacity should be cleaned once a month or once every two months.
  • Besides, regular use of water from the water tank should be checked for color, density, and any other physical changes.
  • Consider a water tank made of good quality materials such as sturdy plastic, stainless steel, or copper. Also, the water tank should be set up in a low-light area to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria in the water.
  • Water purifiers with UV (ultraviolet) treatment, reverse osmosis and carbon filters should be installed at the water inlet of the tank to ensure the preservation of purified water in the water tank.
  • Additionally, ionizers should be used instead of chlorine or similar chemicals to keep tank water clean and safe from bacteria and contaminants.

Best Water Tank Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best water tank list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best water tank list has been created based on the interest for water tank buyers of BD Stall.

Water Tank Model Price in BD
Manual Drinking Water Pump ৳ 590
1/2-Inch Float Ball Valve ৳ 1,900
1-Inch Float Ball Valve ৳ 2,550
Tank Pac Plasteel Pressure Tank ৳ 3,800