Land Price in Bangladesh

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Land Buying in Bangladesh

Land basically means a piece of property or real estate on which buildings are constructed for residential and commercial purposes and used for agricultural purposes. Moreover, in urban areas in Bangladesh, small portions of land are usually called plots, which are mainly used for residential or commercial purposes. Land prices in Bangladesh vary depending on the location, size and purpose of land or plot.

What kind of land or plot is there in Bangladesh?

Currently, there are various types of land or plots available in Bangladesh for different purposes. However, the user has to choose the best land or plot according to the usage requirements, needs and budget. Let's have an idea of some of the notable types of land or plots currently available in BD:

Residential Land / Plot: Residential land or plots are mainly along the road which is mainly of different types depending on the size and location. Such land or plots are mainly zoned which can be used mainly for building houses.

Commercial Plot / Land: This type of plot or land is zoned for commercial use only. Besides, the commercial lands are mainly in busy areas. This type of land can be mainly used for building offices, shops or commercial establishments.

Vacation Land / Plot: This type of land is found in natural environments, tourist areas or hilly areas. This type of land is suitable for building vacation homes or resorts. However, these types of land can be used in the form of lease for a specific period from the Bangladesh government.

Also, in Bangladesh, there is agricultural land, pond or river area land and land suitable for mixed-use such as residential, commercial and industrial use.

What to look for before buying land or plot?

Buying a land or a plot is a very important investment, so there are some important things to consider before buying a land or a plot. Which will help to reduce the risk to a great extent in buying land or plot in Bangladesh.

1. Location: It is important to check the location of the land or plot while buying land. A plot should be selected which is conveniently located to the necessary facilities like schools, hospitals, markets and transport facilities. Also, it should be checked whether the place adjacent to the land is safe enough.

2. Quality of Soil: Quality of soil is a very important thing to consider before buying land. Because stable soil is required for the construction of buildings.

3. Communication System: Land should be purchased after checking whether the land or plot is adjacent to good roads and has a good communication system to the main city.

4. Natural Calamities: Whether the land or the area adjacent to the plot is prone to natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, and landslides must be considered before buying.

5. Zoning: Check with the local authorities before purchasing the land to ensure that the land will meet the intended use, building foundation permits and other issues.

6. Price & Budget Compatibility: Buying land in Bangladesh involves legal fees, taxes and infrastructure development costs. So the price of land or plot in BD should be bought in accordance with the budget.

7. Future Development Plan: Future development plan in the land area should be checked to see how the new infrastructure is likely to be built. Because the surrounding factors will help to increase the value of the land later.

In addition to considering the above issues, in the case of buying land or plot in Bangladesh, there are any legal complications in the land, if necessary, bank loans and facilities like home loans for construction should be checked.

What is the price of land or plot in Bangladesh?

The price of land or plot in BD varies depending on the location, size, land type and purpose of use etc. Currently, land prices in Bangladesh start from Tk 12,00,000 which is basically the land price per katha. Also, land prices continue to increase depending on various amenities, including improved environment, urbanization, and connectivity.

What kind of land is suitable for building a house in Bangladesh?

Divisional cities in Bangladesh have different types of residential land or plots on an area basis which are suitable enough for building houses. Residential land will be available with necessary amenities like roads, water supply and electricity. Apart from consideration of factors like land location, soil quality, zoning and natural calamities, important issues such as transfer of land ownership should also be considered for house construction. Also by consulting a reputed real estate agent in Bangladesh, one can find suitable land for building a house.

What is the most popular area to buy land or plot in Bangladesh?

Cities like Dhaka, Gazipur, Chittagong, Sylhet, and Cox's Bazar are popular areas for buying land or plots in Bangladesh that have suitable land depending on the specific needs and preferences of the users. This is because the land in the cities will help to improve the quality of life in addition to having almost all kinds of facilities including residences, businesses, industrial establishments, and communication systems.