Water Pump Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Water Pump Buying in Bangladesh

Currently in Bangladesh water pump is a necessary machine in daily work. The use of water pumps in various places is noteworthy.

What type of water pump is available in Bangladesh?

All types of water pumps are used as per requirement. The widely used water pumps in Bangladesh are discussed:

Mini Water Pump: Mini water pumps are small in size. These pumps are connected to pipes and used for various car washes. Again, water can be taken from one place to another at a slow speed with mini water pumps. However, these pumps cannot transfer large amounts of water.

Standard Water Pump: In Bangladesh, standard size water pumps are used in all houses to draw water from the ground. Again, these water pumps are also used to supply water to crop fields in rural areas. Standard size water pumps are most commonly used in Bangladesh. These pumps are usually installed above ground.

Micro Water Pump: Micro water pumps are very small in size. These water pumps are only used with small size aquariums.

Submersible Water Pump: Submersible water pumps are used to transfer water from one place to another. On the other hand, submersible water pumps are installed in drain pipelines and used to pump out waste.

Deep Tube Well: Deep tube wells are required when the water level is very low and through these tube wells water can be lifted from far below the ground. But this is a bit expensive to do as a powerful motor is required. And it is widely used in the villages of Bangladesh for irrigation in agriculture.

What to look for before buying a water pump?

Before buying a water pump, you must consider some things. The things that must be kept in mind when choosing a water pump:

Motor Horsepower: Horsepower is the amount of water a water pump can lift from a depth per second. The motor should be matched with the horsepower of the motor by determining how deep the water needs to be lifted from the ground. The more horsepower, the more water can be pumped in less time.

Motor Voltage: All water pump motors can run on specific voltages. Running the motor outside the specified voltage can damage the motor coil. Therefore, motor must be purchased based on the normal voltage of your area.

What is the price of water pump in Bangladesh?

Water pumps used in Bangladesh vary in price based on size and hourly water transfer capacity. Mini water pumps are available between Tk 600 to Tk 2000. Also, micro water pumps that can be used with small size aquariums are available between 100 and 300 rupees. And, standard water pumps are available between Tk 4,000 to Tk 60,000. On the other hand, submersible water pumps are more expensive than other water pumps. These water pumps range from Tk 10,000 to Tk 150,000.

Best Water Pump Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best water pump list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best water pump list has been created based on the interest for water pump buyers of BD Stall.

Water Pump Model Price in BD
Gazi QB60 0.5HP Peripheral Pump ৳ 3,500
75-GPD Water Filter Booster Pump ৳ 3,000
GP520 4-Stocke Floating Water Pump ৳ 20,900
DC 12V High Pressure Water Pump ৳ 899
Bayite BYT-7A108 12V Self Priming Diaphragm Water Pump ৳ 899
75-GPD RO Booster Pump ৳ 2,500
Sabar 5 HP Submersible Water Pump ৳ 95,000
Sharp MKP60-1 0.5 HP Motor Pump ৳ 2,589
100GPD Booster Pump Head ৳ 1,300
Heron 100 GPD RO Water Purifier Booster Pump ৳ 2,500