Casing Price in BD 2023 - PC Case, Gaming, RGB

The number of computer users in Bangladesh is large. The box in which all the internal devices of the computer are kept is known as casing in Bangladesh. Because the computer's motherboard, power supply, disk drive, cooling system etc. are inside this casing. Different types of PC casings are available in Bangladesh and they usually support ATX standard hence they are known as ATX casing in BD.

What is the cost of casing in BD?

Casings price in BD start at 950 Taka and come with ATX Thermal casing and a cooling fan with the option of installing an additional fan. Moreover, there are expansion slots, audio / microphone ports. The price of casing depends on its body material, design, thermal system and power supply. So PC case should be bought based on the budget and computer configuration.

What is the price of RGB casing in BD?

The price of RGB casing in BD starts from Tk 1500 but its front panel is only RGB lighting. Some RGB casings also have side panel lighting, but the price will be a little higher in BD. So you can buy according to your budget and needs.

What is the price of gaming casing in BD?
Gaming casings usually start at Taka 2,800 in BD as their power supplies are of fairly good quality. Games, designing work can be done easily with them.

What things must be known before buying a computer casing?

Casing is very important thing for PC. Below is a discussion about what you need to know before buying a computer casing:

1. The first thing to keep in mind before buying a computer casing is the shape of the casing. For those who will be using high configuration PCs, the PC case should be bigger and have more space. Apart from the external shape of the PC casing, the internal space should also be looked at because the casing is big on the outside but has less space on the inside. If the casing is small, many essentials will not fit. A larger casing will need to be purchased separately later. So it is better to buy bigger casing in the beginning. But currently mini casings are available in Bangladesh which look good and have good space inside.

2. The body material of the computer casing should be looked for. If the computer case is not made of good material then it will not last long. So buying a casing of good quality is essential. And generally the price of computer casing depends on it.

3. Many RGB lighting casings are available in the current Bangladeshi market. These RGB casings work to enhance a different feel and beauty. Excellent RGB computer casings are at the top of the list of people in Bangladesh. So you can buy RGB casing.

4. The cooling system is an important factor in the casing. The cooling system helps to solve the problem of the CPU casing overheating after a long run. While buying the casing, check whether the casing has a built-in cooling system and whether there is room to install additional cooling systems. But a minimum of two cooling fans is better.

5. It is especially important to pay attention to what ports are available when buying a casing. Buying without checking that the casing has all the required ports can sometimes result in missing out on additional features. So this port aspect must be kept in mind before buying the casing.

6. Many times working on the PC causes noise from the casing which is very annoying during work. So it is important to see whether the casing is soundproof or not.

7. Care should be taken to prevent dust from entering the computer casing. If there is a dust filter, it can be cleaned after a certain period of time. Then all the parts inside the PC casing will be fine.

8. Those who want to play games can buy gaming casing. Their power supply is very high quality and some casings have separate water cooling system. There are many gamers in Bangladesh now so its demand is high and the price of gaming casing is quite low in BD.

9. Many CPU casings have transparent glass panels so you can see what's inside. And because they are made of tempered glass, they are very strong. They are now very popular in Bangladesh.

10. Now in Bangladesh there are some premium brand casings available which are of very good quality and affordable.