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What kind of generator should I buy?

There are three types of fuel generator available in the market of Bangladesh today, one is diesel generator and the other is gasoline and gas generator.

Diesel Generator: These types of generators use diesel as fuel to generate electricity and can produce much more energy than other generators. The higher the power of the generator, the more fuel it will take. Generally, an 8 to 10 kVA generator can be run for 1 hour with 8 liters of diesel.
Gasoline Generator: Petrol or gasoline fuel is used in these type of generators. Gasoline generators can run for a very long time. It takes about 8 hours with 1 gallon of petrol.

Gas Generator: Since these generators run on LPG or CNG, their fuel consumption is much less.

How many power generator is needed?

The power of the generator is expressed by KVA. The higher the KVA of a generator, the higher its efficiency. KVA is the kilovolt ampere which is equal to 1000 volts.

What kind of generator for any work?

Home Generator or Mini Generator: Mini generator is good for small organizations, offices, or homes. These 1 to 10 kVA generators are enough for small offices, shops, or homes. These are also called portable generators. These small generators are of a single phase 220-240 voltage. The price of these generators is much lower in Bangladesh.
For industrial factories: Large-size generator is required for factories. Since these are very powerful, 3-phase power requires 400-440 volts and can be up to 500 kVA. Moreover, such generators are required to run large machines such as elevators, escalators, and hospital emergency electricity.

How much budget is to be kept?

Generator price in Bangladesh starts around 8,000 Taka which is also called mini generator and has 1kW or less power. This type of generator is ideal for small shops as it takes little space. For industry or apartment, the generator price would be from 1 lac or more which will depend on your demand. Generator price usually depends on its output power, and fuel technology and may need to add some additional costs like installation, canopy, and regular maintenance.

What other features should be seen?

Automatic CO Shut-Off: The automatic CO shut-off of the generator is an important safety measure. It is connected to the sensor inside the generator so that a fatal accident can detect it and shut down the engine of the automatic generator.
Automatic start: A type of push-starting switch is used to start the generator automatically which is powered by the charger battery.

Fuel Gauge: It is often used to test fuel in small generators or portable generators. The amount of fuel in the generator can be checked in a moment.

Low-Oil Shut Off: Most generators use diesel or petrol as fuel. If the oil falls below the minimum level as a result of using the generator, there is a possibility of damage to the generator. When the oil drops below the minimum level, the generator shuts off automatically to prevent engine damage.

Canopy: In Bangladesh, generators are sold with canopy or without canopy. Without a canopy, the generator is called an open generator and typically the price is less. Canopy usually protects the generator from environmental factors and ensures less maintenance. Canopy also helps to reduce noise and make the environment comfortable for all.