Hand Pallet Truck Price in Bangladesh

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Hand Pallet Truck Buying in Bangladesh

Hand pallet truck is a powerful device mainly designed to facilitate the lifting and transportation of goods. Hand pallet truck plays an essential role in efficient logistics and efficient movement of heavy goods in Bangladesh. Moreover, hand pallet truck is widely used to unload goods in warehouses, factories, distribution centers, and retail stores. Hand pallet truck is also commonly known as pallet jacks or hand trolleys. Currently, the use of hand pallet truck has increased with the development of the logistics industry in Bangladesh.

What type of hand pallet truck is available in Bangladesh?

Folding Hand Pallet Truck: Folding hand pallet truck is usually of compact size and portable type. This type of hand pallet trolley is usually used for transporting goods in a limited range of warehouses or stores. Folding hand pallet truck can usually carry weights from 300kg to 1000kg.

Semi-Automatic Manual Hydraulic Pallet Stacker: A semi-automatic manual hydraulic pallet stacker usually works by combining manual operation with hydraulic mechanism to lift and transport the goods from a certain height. It offers improved efficiency and ease of use compared to fully manual stackers. This type of hydraulic pallet stacker is capable of transporting loads from 1000 kg to 2000 kg.

Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck: This type of hand pallet truck can be operated manually. Which mainly uses a hydraulic lifting mechanism to load and unload goods. Hydraulic hand pallet truck has a load capacity from 1000kg to 3000kg.

Electric Hand Pallet Truck: This type of hand pallet truck is motorized which does not require manual pumping in use. This type of hand pallet truck is used to transport heavy goods and cargo. Electric hand pallet truck can transport goods from 1500 kg to 3000 kg.

Also, various type of hand pallet truck is available in Bangladesh including walkie-electric pallet trucks, battery-operated pallet jack, and hand pallet truck with weighing scale.

Why is hand pallet truck used?

1. Hand pallet truck is quite effective in lifting and transporting heavy loads with ease.

2. Due to its compact design, hand pallet truck can easily transport goods through narrow and tight spaces.

3. The use of hand trolley does not require expensive fuel or batteries so there is no additional cost.

4. Hand pallet trolley is designed with a load stabilizer and brake system. As a result, it ensures effective control of goods transportation and reduces the accident rate to a great extent.

5. Designed with smooth and comfortable handles, it facilitates more efficient movement of goods by reducing the physical effort of operators.

6. Hand Pallet Truck is constructed of durable materials and is equipped with strong wheels and bearings that ensure long-lasting use.

How much does a hand pallet truck cost?

Hand pallet truck price generally varies depending on factors such as brand, quality, load capacity, features, and country variant. Hand pallet truck price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 6,500 which is made of steel, folding hand pallet trolley with 300 kg weight capacity. Also, a hydraulic hand pallet truck is available which is generally available within a budget of Tk 30,000 depending on the weight capacity. Also, hand pallet truck with hydraulic operating systems, solid chrome-metal and galvanized bodies, steel steering wheels, and a 5-ton transport capacity start at Tk 75,000.

What to look for before buying a hand pallet truck?

To select the right-hand pallet truck, consider the following points:

Capacity: Hand trolley with different load capacities is currently available in Bangladesh. So pick a hand pallet truck that is capable of transporting the right weight as per the requirement.

Fork Range: The length, width, and height of the forks of hand pallet trucks are critical considerations. With which goods can be easily unloaded as well as lifted or lowered at any height.

Maneuverability and Steering: Maneuverability and steering of the hand pallet truck should be checked for easy navigation in tight spaces and at any angle.

Safety feature: Hand pallet truck should be checked for load stabilizers, brake systems, and anti-roll mechanisms to prevent accidents, injuries, and loss of loads that will ensure a safe working environment.

Durability: Before buying a hand pallet truck should check the materials, forks, wheels bearings, etc. of the truck which will ensure the heavy load carrying capacity as well as long-lasting usage.

Maintenance: Grease fittings, and easily replaceable spare parts should be checked for availability.

Warranty: Hand pallet truck should be purchased after checking whether adequate protection will be provided for defects or problems.

Best Hand Pallet Truck Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for May, 2024

Hand Pallet Truck Model Price
Four Wheel Hand Folding Trolley ৳ 7,500
3 Ton Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck ৳ 33,500
3-Ton Hand pallet truck ৳ 33,500
5-Ton Hand Pallet Truck ৳ 85,000
2-Ton Hand Pallet Stacker ৳ 115,000
Manual Hydraulic Stacker Noblelift ৳ 110,000
2-Ton Manual Engine Crane with 2-Piston ৳ 37,000
Launch 3-Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack with 2-piston ৳ 24,000