Blanket Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Blanket Buying in Bangladesh

Blanket is a special sheet of thick cloth made of wool or cotton to cover the body in the cold. It is generally used more in winter in Bangladesh. Also, thin blankets are used all year round, especially for sleeping at night in AC room. Moreover, various types and sizes of blankets with pleasant designs are available at affordable price in the Bangladesh market.

Things to consider before buying Blanket

1. When purchasing blanket, consider whether the blanket is made from a blend of cotton, wool, fleece, and synthetic fiber. Wool blankets are comfortable and hypoallergenic, but require some care when cleaning. Synthetic fiber blankets, on the other hand, are generally cheaper and easier to use. So, before buying blanket consider warmth, softness, and durability.

2. Currently, baby blankets, single blankets, and double-layer blankets are available at low price on the popular online marketplace and you can purchase them according to your needs.

3. When purchasing a blanket, the warmth and insulation capacity of the blanket should be checked to ensure long-term use. Because thick blanket is good for winter use only, while thin blanket like katha is better to consider for year-round use.

4. Check whether the blanket can be washed in the washing machine after use.

5. In case of allergy problems check for blankets made of hypoallergenic material such as organic cotton and synthetic fibers.

6. While buying a blanket, one should consider the color, and design of the blanket, which will help to make the bedroom more attractive.

7. Before buying a blanket, you need to set a budget, which will help you choose the best quality blanket you can afford.

How much does Blanket cost in Bangladesh?

The blanket price in Bangladesh usually starts from Tk 350, which is usually small and thin. Also, blanket price in Bangladesh varies depending on the material, design, bedding size, and quality of the blanket.

Baby blanket price

Baby blanket price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 300. This blanket is mainly designed for small children, which is small in size and attractive in design.

Single blanket price

Single blanket is available around Tk 500 to Tk 2,000 in Bangladesh. This type of blanket is usually suitable for one person and its standard size is 4.1 x 5.4 feet.

Double blanket price

Double blanket is usually available for around Tk 1,000, which is large and suitable for two people. However, attractive designs and good-quality double blanket is relatively higher.

Dos to use Blanket

  • Blanket should generally be used as covers to keep body oils, sweat, and stains free.
  • In the case of daily use, the blanket should be exposed to the sun after a few days, as a result of prolonged use, the odor trapped in the blanket will be removed and the blanket will stay fresh.
  • After using the blanket, it should be covered with a light cloth, so as not to be infected with dust, sand, or any allergens.
  • Blanket should generally be stored in a dry and well-ventilated area.
  • Blanket should be kept away from high-altitude sources such as direct sunlight or room heaters to protect the color and design of the blanket from excessive heat.
  • Moreover, after use, the dust should be kept in a good bag to keep it safe from sand and insects and for long-term storage.