Video Games Console Price in Bangladesh

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Game Console Buying in Bangladesh

Most people across the world have a passion for playing games. Bangladesh also has many game players. People play various games to enjoy their free time. At present, people of different age groups have chosen to play games as a means of entertainment to pass the time in various vehicles including rickshaws, buses, cars, trains. And to play these games more easily and enjoy more, many types of game consoles are available in Bangladesh. These game consoles make playing games easier. Moreover, Bangladesh has now produced various professional gamers and competes in various international events and as a result of the growth of the market, video game consoles of various prices are now available in BD Stall.

What is the price of video game console in Bangladesh?

Video game console prices in Bangladesh range from just Tk 1,099 to over Tk 50,000. These low-cost video game consoles usually have a 3.0-inch TFT color screen, 600 mAh battery, and 4 hours of game play. And even if some good quality game consoles do not have a screen, they can be connected to the TV so that the fun of playing games on the big screen can be enjoyed very easily. There are also different types of video game consoles available in Bangladesh at different prices. Basically, the price of a video game console is determined based on the brand of the game console, how well the graphics unit provides graphics, memory, storage and various connections and Game Mod.

What are the benefits of gaming consoles?

Gaming consoles come with many benefits. Today's gaming consoles are adding a variety of features that provide the following benefits:

1. Games can be played directly on handheld game consoles without the need for other devices.

2. Game consoles can be connected to other monitors to provide the convenience of playing games on a larger screen.

3. Different sizes of game consoles are available in the market of Bangladesh so everyone from young to old can enjoy the convenience of playing games.

4. Portable gaming consoles have displays with different resolutions. Clear view is available with high quality display.

5. Many games are installed on handheld game consoles so there is no hassle of installing them separately.

6. Gaming consoles also have storage facilities so you can easily download and play as many games as you want.

Can game consoles use a separate memory card?

Today's high-end game consoles offer the convenience of internal memory as well as the ability to add memory cards to get more storage externally. As a result, more games can be downloaded and installed. Gaming consoles that support memory cards from 16 GB to 32 GB are available in the Bangladesh market at very cheap prices.

Do game consoles have cameras?

Many of today's game consoles also feature dual cameras. Selfies with the front camera and photos with the rear camera are excellent. Game console cameras can take very high quality pictures and videos. The price of game console with camera in Bangladesh is almost the same.

Are Playstation game consoles different from other gaming consoles?

It is made by Sony company so it is called a Sony Play Station. Playstation game consoles are different from other gaming consoles because Playstation has more features than other gaming consoles. The Play Station offers various features including camera, speakers, dedicated storage system memory, WiFi connection, large touchscreen display, vivid textures and boost mode.

Everything you need to know before buying a game console?

Before buying a game console, there are a few things you should know. A good quality gaming console can be bought if you know all these things about gaming console written below:

Game console size:

When buying a game console you must know its size because the price and quality will depend on the size. There are two types of game consoles available in Bangladesh

  • Handheld game console
  • Home game console

Handheld game consoles: These usually have a display, various buttons for playing games. Smaller game consoles are good for kids and can be used for traveling at various times and are much cheaper in price.

Home game consoles: These do not have a display but can be connected to a TV to enjoy high-quality graphics.

Display resolution:

You must know what the display resolution is. Today's game consoles incorporate or support much better resolution screens than previous video game consoles. Currently 4K resolution game consoles are available in Bangladesh. So it is better to buy the current video game consoles.

WiFi Technology:

WiFi technology is being added to the current gaming consoles so that various online games can be played. So it is better to buy a video game console with WiFi technology even if it is a little expensive.


You need to know how the storage is because the more storage there is, the more games can be downloaded on the video game console. In addition to dedicated storage, how many GB memory cards in external storage are also currently available in the Bangladesh market with gaming consoles with cameras, so storage facilities will play a special role in capturing images and videos.


When buying a handheld game console, the more powerful the battery, the more games can be played. So before buying a handheld video gaming console, you need to know how many milliampere batteries it has. But try to buy handheld game consoles with batteries starting from 850 mAh to more batteries mAh as they are better.

Mod Support: Some game consoles support Game Mod to enhance the gaming experience but they are not many in number.