Transformer Price in Bangladesh

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Transformer machines installed by the government can be seen on electric poles in different parts of Bangladesh. However, they cannot manage the load of large apartments, offices or factories, so additional transformers are needed. In Bangladesh they are also known as power sub-stations.

How many types of transformers are available in Bangladesh?

There are two types of transformers available in Bangladesh namely step up transformer and step down transformer. These two types of transformer machines have some technical differences. Below is a complete discussion about the types of transformers to help the customers:

  • Step up transformer
  • Step down transformer

Step Up Transformer:

In a step-up transformer, a higher voltage is obtained in the secondary when the voltage is applied to the primary. That is, the step up transformer increases the input voltage and provides the increased voltage as output. This transformer is used in UPS, IPS, inverter etc. equipment.

Step Down Transformer:

Step down transformer is the opposite of step up transformer. It provides a lower voltage at the output after supplying voltage to the main transformer.

What is the price of transformer in Bangladesh?

Transformer prices in Bangladesh start from Tk 2,000,000. It is capable of supporting 630 kVA. However, fewer transformers are available that can run a small apartment or factory well. There are other types of transformers that can be used to run LED lighting, TVs and small appliances for various occasions and are priced within thousands of Taka. Transformer prices in Bangladesh are determined depending on the shape, brand, KVA and technology.

How to choose the right transformer?

Some important aspects of how to choose the right transformer from different types of transformers are discussed:


The first thing to consider is the size of a transformer. Because based on the size it will be understood where the transformer will be set. So before buying a transformer of any technology one must consider the size of the transformer.


Transformer should be selected according to how much KVA power is required. Because if the KVA of the transformer is not matched as required, the transformer will not be able to distribute the power properly. If the KVA is less than the requirement, the transformer will not be able to supply electricity to all places, and if it is more than the requirement, an electrical accident will occur. Therefore, it is important to keep the KVA adjustment as per requirement. Different KVA transformer machines are available in Bangladesh market like:

  • 10 KVA transformer
  • 30 KVA transformer
  • 100 KVA transformer
  • 200 KVA transformer
  • 630 KVA transformer
  • 800 KVA transformer
  • 1000kva transformer including many more


Step up transformer and step down transformer are completely different in terms of working. If you want more output, step up transformer and if you want less output, step down transformer.