Eye Wash Station Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Eye Wash Station Buying in Bangladesh

An eye wash station is a type of safety machine used to flush chemicals or biological agents from the eyes and face. Eye wash station works effectively to reduce potential eye damage and prevent long-term complications from chemical accidents. Eye wash station is widely used in various places including textile, garments, laboratories, and manufacturing factories in Bangladesh. Currently, various brands of eye wash station including Unicare, Udyugi, Guardian, Bradley is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

What kind of eye wash station is available in Bangladesh?

Permanent Eye Wash Station: This type of eye wash station can be installed permanently which can supply water at all times. Permanent Eye Wash Station provides a controlled flow of water to the eye in emergencies.

Portable Eye Wash Station: This type of eye wash can be easily carried to different places as needed. It usually contains sterile saline water, and some models have a hand or foot pump to create a stream of water.

What is the benefit of using an eye wash station?

1. The use of eye wash after getting chemicals or other harmful substances in the eyes keeps the eyes safe by quickly supplying water to the eyes.

2. A quick flash with an eye wash station helps reduce potential damage from chemicals or harmful substances in the eyes.

3. Using an eye wash station helps prevent infection, chemical burns, or discomfort.

4. Eye wash stations provide workplace safety as well as ease of working with confidence.

5. Increases training and awareness about eye protection in the presence of an eye wash station which helps employees stay safe during emergencies.

How much does the eye wash station cost?

The price of an eye wash station varies depending on the type of eye wash, quality, brand, and other features. Eye wash station price in Bangladesh starts at Tk 8,000 including push plate and is permanent in use. Also, portable eye wash station price starts at Tk 18,000 that run water for up to 15 minutes, have a water capacity of 34 liters, and are easily portable. Besides, the price of the eye wash station with the ability to clean the body, eyes, and face is more than Tk 30,000.

What to look for before buying an eye wash station?

Type and design: Eye wash station should be selected taking into account the workplace environment and needs.

Aqueous flow: Ensure that the eye wash station provides sufficient water flow to effectively flush out the contaminant.

Ease of use: An eye wash station that is user-friendly and can be easily operated in emergency situations should be verified.

Durability: The quality and durability of the materials used in the construction of the eye wash station for long-term use should be considered as well as the availability of spare parts.

Training system: Appropriate training or manual guidance should be verified to ensure staff can use eyewash stations correctly and safely.