Eye Wash Machine

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৳ 12,500
8 days ago
Unicare LSE2 GI Foot Pedal Operated Eye Wash Station

Unicare LSE2 GI eye wash station has complete GI body, high quality ABS for atomizer head and receptor bowl, yellow...

৳ 16,000
1 day ago
Chunlei CSHH-3012B-5 Stainless Steel Pedal Operated Eyewash

Chunlei CSHH-3012B-5 eyewash machine has stainless steel materials, foot pedal operated, 18 inch bole.

৳ 11,500
7 hours ago
Industrial Eye Wash 4710 GI

Industrial eye wash 4710 GI has lever and foot paddle for pushing, pipe ISI marked GI pipe with powder coating for...

৳ 8,500
2 days ago
Udyogi 4810-GI Industrial Wall Mountable Eye Wash Machine

Udyogi 4810-GI industrial eye wash machine has wall mountable capability, receptor bowl, SS stay open ball valve with...

৳ 26,500
6 hours ago
Unicare LSES8 GI Safety Drench Shower

Unicare LSES8 GI safety drench shower.

৳ 9,000
3 days ago
Unicare Safe Eye Laboratory Eye Wash Machine

Unicare safe eye laboratory eye wash machine has diverted valve for eyewash and control valve for faucet.

৳ 18,500
8 days ago
Unicare UPEW-14 34 Liter Portable Eyewash Station

Unicare UPEW-14 portable eyewash station has 34 litre capacity, origin in India.

৳ 24,500
2 days ago
Stainless Steel Foot Pedal Operated Eye Wash Machine

Stainless steel eye wash machine is operated by foot pedal and useful for daily and emergency use.

৳ 8,500
7 hours ago
Industrial Wall Mounted Eye Wash Station 4810 GI

Industrial wall mounted eye wash station 4810 GI has valve SS stay open ball valve with yellow ABS push plate, bowl...

৳ 33,000
1 day ago
Chunlei CSHH-3012A-10 Stainless Steel Emergency Eyewash

Chunlei CSHH-3012A-10 emergency eyewash machine has stainless steel materials, 18 inch bole size and China origin.