Eye Wash Machine

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৳ 13,000
2 days ago
Ocare OTC PT GI01 Factory Compliance Audit Eye Wash Station

Ocare OTC PT GI01 factory compliance audit eye wash station machine has ABS receptor bowl highly visible yellow anti...

৳ 25,500
7 days ago
Unicare LSES 8 GI Emergency Eye Wash Safety Shower

Unicare LSES 8 GI emergency eye wash safety shower has 2100 mm to 2400 mm height, up to 110 LPM at 30 PSI flow rate,...

৳ 8,500
24 days ago
Industrial Wall Mounted Eye Wash Station 4810 GI

Industrial wall mounted eye wash station 4810 GI has valve SS stay open ball valve with yellow ABS push plate, bowl...

৳ 12,500
1 hour ago
Unicare LSE2GI Eye Wash Foot Pedal Operated

Unicare LSE2GI eye wash has foot pedal for operation.

৳ 25,500
18 days ago
Stainless Steel Emergency Safety Eye Wash Machine

Emergency shower eye wash machine has stainless steel materials, acid proof ability, rust prevention system, dust proof...

৳ 20,500
1 day ago
Eye Wash Station LSES7/7-CSS 304 Emergency Safety Shower

Emergency eye wash station and safety shower 6250 GI has foot lever, shower extra large drench shower head made of...

৳ 30,000
2 days ago
Unicare LSES 8 GI Safety Drench Shower Device

Unicare LSES 8 GI safety drench shower device designed to wash chemicals of a person in the event of a chemical spill.

৳ 11,000
2 days ago
Terysafe E150 Pedal And Push Operated Eye Wash Machine

Terysafe E150 pedal and push operated eye wash machine has piping material galvanized steel, ABS eye wash bowl, eye...

৳ 22,900
2 days ago
Terysafe S-250 ABS Material Safety Shower Eye Wash Basin

Terysafe S-250 safety shower and eye wash basin has piping material galvanized steel, shower head 250mm ABS, 1"...

৳ 12,500
1 hour ago
Unicare LSE1GI Hand Operated Eye Wash Machine

Unicare LSE1GI hand operated eye wash machine.