Projector Lamp Price in Bangladesh

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The projector lamp is an ultra-high pressure mercury vapor ARC lamp commonly used in DLP projectors. Each projector lamp has a limited lifespan. After that the lamp has to be replaced otherwise the projection may start to blur. Not only this, it will cause stress on the eyes and may even damage the eyes. Lamps manufactured by various companies in Bangladesh are now available in the market and they support various popular brands of projectors such as Hitachi, Epson and many more.

How much does the projector lamp cost?

Projector lamp prices in Bangladesh range between Tk 8000 to Tk 15000 and prices may vary depending on projector brand, model and lamp quality. However, at the time of purchase, the brightness level of the projector lamp must match the projector, otherwise good projection may not be possible.

How to know when to replace the projector lamp?

The projection of the projector will start to dim when the lifetime of the projector lamp is over and usually these lamps are used in DLP based projectors. Generally projector lamp life is between 5000 and 20000 hours depending on the quality and brand of the projector. Led projectors generally do not require replacement of lead sources as they have a long lifespan that can last for many years. Also, projectors have a menu called "Info" that shows lamp hours so it's an easy way to know when to replace the lamp.

What other things to know when buying a projector lamp?

  • Make sure the lamp supports your model and it's best to buy a lamp from the same company that matches the model. However, if you buy other company's lamp in the country, it will provide good service and the price will be much lower in Bangladesh.
  • The lumen of the lamp should be compatible with the projector. Try to buy the maximum lumens your projector supports.
  • Check the life of the lamp and the longer the better.
  • Check the lamp warranty if any is good as it will ensure long service.
  • Don't buy a used lamp as it may already have passed its lifespan