Copier Toner Price in Bangladesh

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Copier Toner Buying in Bangladesh

Copier toner is basically an essential component for printing pictures or any documents in any photocopy machine. Also, copier toner is made of a type of fine powder that is used to produce high-quality print and copy. Photocopy machine toner of different brands and formulations is available in BD as per printing needs. Currently, many brands of high-quality copier toner including HP, Canon, Brother, Samsung and more is available in Bangladesh.

How much does photocopy toner cost?

Currently, the price of copier toner in BD varies based on its brand, quality, page yield and compatibility with the copier machine. Photocopy machine toner price in Bangladesh starts from TK 520 which is to be used in analog system and comes in packet form. Also, toner with monochrome technology price start from TK 1,200 which is usually black in color and have a print capacity of up to 10,000 pages. Along with high-quality print and copy, laser technology, and 24,000-page print capacity, toner prices start from 3,000 taka.

What to look for before buying copier toner?

In buying copier toner in Bangladesh, there are some important things to know in order to choose the right toner according to your needs. So let's take a look at the things to know before buying toner in BD:

Model Compatibility: The use of incompatible toners in photocopy machines can cause damage to the machine as well as poor print quality. So before buying copier toner, you must check whether the toner is compatible with the brand and model of the photocopy machine being used.

Page Yield: It is very important to check the printing capacity of the toner, as it will tell how many pages the toner can print. Moreover, the price of toner with higher print capacity in BD is slightly higher.

Quality of Toner: Low-quality toner can cause various mechanical defects in printing along with smudges. So before buying a photocopy toner, one should check the quality which will produce sharp, clean and consistent print.

Budget: Copier toner purchased cheaply may not always be of the best quality. So one should check the prices of different photocopy machine toners to find the quality toner according to the budget.

Toner Technology: Copier toner mainly uses laser and inkjet technology. In this case, laser technology toner is suitable for fast and high-volume paper printing, while inkjet technology toner is better for printing photography and graphic design. So before buying a copier toner, you must check the toner technology.

How to identify genuine copier toner?

Identifying genuine copier toner in Bangladesh is challenging nowadays, as there are many fake copier toners in the market which are difficult to distinguish from genuine products. So let's know some tips that will help you to identify genuine copier toner:

1. To verify that the toner of the photocopy machine is genuine, firstly check that the package contains the logo, name and type code of the toner brand.

2. Apart from checking the seal of the package, check that the level is clear and easy to read.

3. Make sure that the packaging has a kind of hologram sticker.

4. Toner price in BD is significantly cheaper than the average market price. So, without being attracted by the cheap price, check it carefully.

5. Buying copier toner should be done from an authorized dealer so that the toner is actually guaranteed.

6. Check the print quality of the toner before buying. Because original toner produces high-quality prints while counterfeit toner produces low-quality prints, smudging and streaks.

7. You can also scan the barcode on the copier toner packaging and match it with the manufacturer's database to verify authenticity.

By following the above tips, you can ensure original and high-quality toner while reducing the risk of buying counterfeit copier toner.

What does laser printing technology toner mean?

Laser printing technology toner refers to the type of toner used in laser printers and photocopiers. Laser technology toner is capable of producing high-quality prints using a digital printing process that uses laser beams to print on paper. It is effective in providing high-quality prints for documents, images and graphics as well as printing at high speeds.

What is monochrome laser technology toner?

Monochrome laser technology toner is usually monochromatic and is used in laser printers and photocopiers. This type of toner cartridge can only print in black and white. Monochrome laser technology toner also offers more benefits than other printing technology toners. Overall, the toner of this technology is widely used in offices, commercials and even homes in Bangladesh.

Best Copier Toner Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best copier toner list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best copier toner list has been created based on the interest for copier toner buyers of BD Stall.

Copier Toner Model Price in BD
Toshiba T-2323C Genuine Black Toner Cartridge ৳ 5,000
Canon NPG-32 Black Copier Toner Cartridge ৳ 1,300
Canon NPG-28 China Copier Toner ৳ 700
EOP 21 Poly Bag Digital Copier Toner ৳ 760
Toshiba T-5018C Genuine Black Toner Cartridge ৳ 8,000
Toshiba T-3028C Original Black Toner ৳ 8,000
Canon NPG-51 Black Copier Toner ৳ 900
Canon NPG-51 Black 14600 Pages Yield Copier Toner ৳ 3,800
Toshiba T-3008C Genuine Photocopier Toner ৳ 8,000
Canon NPG-59 Black Copier Laser Toner Cartridge ৳ 900